SRRC type approval

SRRC (State Radio Regulation of China) is a mandatory certification required by the National Radio Management Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. All wireless radio products sold and used within China must first obtain Radio Type Approval Certification.


Radio transmission equipment model approval certification SRRC certification

Let‘s see why there is SRRC certification for radio transmission equipment model approval. Background: According to the Regulations of the People‘s Republic of China on Radio Administration, in order to strengthen radio management, maintain the order of radio waves in the air, effectively develop and utilize radio spectrum resources, and ensure the normal operation of various radio services. The use of radio frequencies, the establishment and use of radio stations (stations), the development, production, import, sales, and maintenance of radio transmission equipment within mainland China, as well as the use of non radio equipment that radiates radio waves, shall comply with these regulations. Radio transmission equipment produced (including trial production) within the territory of the People‘s Republic of China must hold the "Radio Transmission Equipment Model Approval Certificate" issued after the State Radio Regulation Committee (SRRC) has approved its transmission characteristics. The label of the factory equipment must indicate the model approval code CMIIT ID.

SRRC certification of radio transmission equipment type approval certification testing certification cycle is generally about 4-5 weeks, the fees: Bluetooth products (single-mode form), testing fees of 3W; WIFI router (802.11 bg), detection fee 4.8W; If the product has both BT and WIFI functions, the testing fee is 48000.00+30000.00 * 60%=66000.

At home, you can open the back of the wireless device, such as a light cat with WiFi or Bluetooth, and you can see the nameplate with the CMIIT ID on the back. The following is an actual product nameplate. The nameplate of a Bluetooth speaker sold by Shundian shows the approved code CMIIT ID after SRRC certification on the white line. The nameplate (label) clearly displays the equipment model, application unit (equipment manufacturer), and equipment serial number.

The white line indicates the CMIIT ID

The purpose of SRRC certification is to conduct technical management of radio spectrum parameters, prevent harmful radio spectrum from interfering with the normal use of useful and limited spectrum resources in the air, and maintain the order and safety of radio waves in the air. For example, it is to prevent some wireless devices from interfering with the normal calls of mobile phones. The main testing content is to verify the frequency, frequency band, transmission power, frequency tolerance, occupied bandwidth (or spectral characteristics of the transmitted signal), out of band transmission, and spurious transmission spectrum parameters of the radio transmission equipment.

The conventional testing content includes:

1. Equivalent isotropically radiated power (EIRP) test. 2. Maximum power spectral density. 3. Frequency range. 4. Occupy bandwidth (99% of power energy). 5. Carrier frequency tolerance. 6. Spurious emission (working state).

Here is a sample test report and certificate:

List of materials required for SRRC certification:

1. Application Form for Approval of Radio Transmission Equipment Model, signed and stamped.

2. Authorization Letter for Approval of Radio Transmission Equipment Model, signed and stamped.

3. A copy of the business license of the applying enterprise.

4. Apply for enterprise ISO certificate or quality assurance system declaration.

5. Product manual+circuit diagram+block diagram.

6. Color images of the product (must include all interfaces and sides. The product nameplate must include: applicant name, model, CMIIT ID number location).

7. Provide a copy of the proof of foreign approval status for the equipment of the foreign application unit.

8. A test report issued by a testing agency recognized by the Radio Administration for model approval of the equipment within six months.

9. Declaration of antenna gain and line loss.

10. RF debugging guidance (RF testing software, connection tools, etc.).

Additionally, it should be noted that even for identical devices that apply for SRRC certification approval for different brands or models at the same time, each model still needs to be applied for and paid separately.

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