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Bluetooth headset SRRC certification, what test materials need to be prepared, and the approval of wireless models

Necessity of Certification:
In order to ensure that the frequencies of different types of radio transmission equipment can be legally used in China, all radio transmission equipment sold in China must apply for Radio Type Approval Certification (SRRC).

SRRC background introduction:

First of all, here is a brief introduction to SRRC. SRRC is a mandatory certification requirement of the State Radio Regulatory Commission. Since 1999, the Ministry of Information Industry of China has mandated that any sales with radio products with communication functions must be approved and certified by the radio type. At present, SRRC certification is the same as the well-known CCC certification, which is a compulsory certification requirement.
SRRC certification certificate:

Basic Certification Process:

The application process and the related acceptance process are relatively cumbersome. In order to save time, you can directly refer to the above picture.
Required certification time:

Usually, it takes 5 working days for the initial application, and 30 working days for the follow-up until the certificate is obtained. Including the test time, it takes about 8 weeks to complete the overall process. After the "Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate" is finally issued, the certification is valid for 5 years.
Materials to be prepared for certification:

After the preliminary examination is approved, the application materials will be submitted to the Radio Administration of the Ministry of Information Industry. If the preliminary examination cannot be passed, the application materials will be returned to the applicant company.
The main detection content:
Since the radio transmission power supported by different products is different, the required detection content also needs to be carried out in a targeted manner.
Test item:
Transmit power, spectral range, frequency tolerance, bandwidth, stray radiation, etc.
Certified product type:
Public mobile communication equipment, wireless access system, private network equipment, microwave equipment, satellite equipment, radio and television equipment, 2.4GHz/5.8GHz wireless access equipment, radar and other radio transmission equipment.
If there are individual categories that are not included, the test can also be drawn up with reference to similar equipment above.
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