Bluetooth BQB certification

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What are the BQB certification requirements for the Bluetooth Core Layer

Bluetooth technology is realized through the combination of software and hardware. Usually we call the software part as Host and the hardware part as Controller.

The two most common application modes of the Bluetooth specification are:

(1) Classic Bluetooth introduced in version 2.0/2.1, Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR)

(2) And the Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)) introduced in version 4.0.

These two different application modes will have different application scenarios, and different chips will be used due to different hardware requirements. The dual-mode chip will support these two application modes at the same time.
Each application mode will have the minimum core configuration requirements for the software (Host) part and the hardware (Controller) part to combine to realize a complete Bluetooth wireless transmission solution.
The figure below corresponds to each of the different (Controller Subsystems, Host Subsystems, and End Product) Bluetooth product types and the common core layers required:
The above chart shows the requirements for Core layers of the most common products using Bluetooth technology.
Some applications do not require all layers to be included in a design. For more details, please refer to the Core Configurations section of the Core Specification Document (Volume 0, Part B, Chapter 4) of the Bluetooth Technology Standard Specification.

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