Bluetooth BQB certification

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The certification difference between End Product/Subsystem and Component in Bluetooth BQB certification

The selection of Bluetooth BQB certification type is something that must be done in the certification process. The following information is helpful for understanding how to choose the Bluetooth BQB certification type:
(1) If the Bluetooth design certified by your company will be used by other member companies in its products, the choice of product type in the Bluetooth BQB certification qualification certification will have an extremely significant impact on the certification of the member company citing the product.
(2) If the core (Bluetooth design) part of your company‘s products using Bluetooth technology will not be modified by downstream customers, it is recommended that your company take this product as an End Product or Subsystem certification.
(3) If the Bluetooth design certified by your company can be modified by other member companies when integrating the core (Bluetooth) function into the product, your company‘s product needs to be certified as a Component.
(4) The following table makes a general comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing different product types, hoping to help relevant companies make the best choice for the convenience of customers:

The above content is the introduction of Shenguang standard technology on Bluetooth BQB certification types. Shenguang standard technology has rich experience, and has handled urgent Bluetooth BQB certification for many companies, Bluetooth SIG organization punishment violation certification, audit processing, and Bluetooth SIG organization delivery Complex things like ticket processing, bluetooth authorization, etc.
And has assisted a number of Bluetooth chip companies and Bluetooth protocol stack design companies to complete more complex Bluetooth BQB testing and certification projects at component and subsystem levels