Bluetooth BQB certification

With years of experience, Deeplight Technology can assist customers in completing RF, profile, and other testing. It can also complete Bluetooth protocol protocol testing that few institutions in the market can do, taking into account BREDR+BLE dual mode testing.

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A large collection of BQB certificates issued by the Bluetooth SIG organization for more than ten years

I often encounter some customers holding a Bluetooth BQB certificate from several years ago and specifying that they want to apply for this type of BQB certificate. Some of them specify that they want this kind of certificate, and others will not recognize it.

In this case, Deeplight Standard Technology will show the certificates issued by the Bluetooth SIG organization for more than ten years. They are all Bluetooth BQB certificates applied by Deeplight Standard Technology. Let everyone have a look. The full style of the times has witnessed The development of Bluetooth technology, from the classic Bluetooth technology BREDR to the current BLE, to the latest BLE 2M audio technology, is believed to be another selling point.

Many customers who continue to develop in the Bluetooth industry will also have a lot of impressions. The selling point has always been there, and the technology has been innovating. This is the treasure of Bluetooth technology. Of course, I don‘t know what kind of technology will be changed next time, but low energy consumption has always been the theme of this technology, and there has been no change.

The first type is the Bluetooth BQB certificate style before 2009. The Bluetooth BQB certificate at that time was completely a high-quality, high-investment testing and certification project. After the certificate is completed, it can be listed, because the price is expensive and beautiful, and the cost of the number alone is 1 Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

The second type, in the years after 2010, the module is often used by the company to apply for a certificate, as an initial certification certificate, which is used by downstream product manufacturers, and most of the tests are RF+profile.

The third type, the Bluetooth EPL certificate, mostly uses certified Bluetooth modules, and the finished product certification certificate applied by the finished product manufacturer is used for shipment and customs clearance. Now EPL can no longer be found on the official website of the Bluetooth organization and has been cancelled.

The fourth type is Bluetooth BPL certificate, Bluetooth Product listing, a certificate that is often used after 2014. At this stage, no matter whether it is a module or a finished product, you need to pay the serial number fee to purchase a DID before you can apply for a Bluetooth BQB certificate.

The fifth type, the certificates that are commonly used at present, have a different style from the previous ones. They are document-style. The editor feels that the beautiful style is not as good-looking as before, and it is a bit dull, unlike the style of certificates. However, it works when the goods go through customs.

The above are various styles of Bluetooth BQB certificates, which accidentally exposed their age. Remember to check what kind of certificate you get when you apply. Friendly reminder: After you have a Bluetooth BQB certificate, you need to cooperate with the official website to query it. The jargon is called column name. Because the customs and the Bluetooth SIG organization check the official website of the Bluetooth SIG organization based on the certificate provided, and the BQB certificate is valid only if the query is found.

Welcome to contact Deeplight Technology Consulting for Bluetooth BQB certification. We can not only assist customers to apply for finished product BQB certification, but also have rich experience in assisting customers to apply for Bluetooth protocol stack, Bluetooth chip-level BQB certification, from product certification to Bluetooth protocol stack certification, Bluetooth Protocol certification, the test volume is larger, and the test requirements are more.