Bluetooth BQB certification

With years of experience, Deeplight Technology can assist customers in completing RF, profile, and other testing. It can also complete Bluetooth protocol protocol testing that few institutions in the market can do, taking into account BREDR+BLE dual mode testing.

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Deeplight Bluetooth Profile testing service

Bluetooth profile test

Bluetooth Profile test is a mandatory test in 
Bluetooth BQB certification. In addition, there is another function to verify whether the Bluetooth function is normal and whether it meets the interoperability requirements between Bluetooth products. It is also a project that often test fails in the Bluetooth BQB certification.
The test needs to use profile test suite specified by Bluetooth SIG to operate the testing manually. At present, the Deeplight can test the following standard profiles.
1.  BREDR profiles

2. BLE profiles

3. Setting of Bluetooth profile test.
4. The position of the Bluetooth profile in the entire Bluetooth protocol stack.
5. The scenario of Bluetooth profile testing.

Deeplight Technology has carried out BQB certification all year round. It has rich experience in profile certification testing and can provide rectification suggestions, and can quote preferential test prices according to the actual needs of customers.