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Deeplight Tech |Summary Of Component Test In Bluetooth BQB Certification

When integrating a Component to certify a new Bluetooth End Product and subsystem, the test evidence of the original Component qualification certification can be cited in the BQB test certification of the new End Product or Subsystem.

This allows member companies to use components that have already been certified by Bluetooth BQB without repeating unaffected test cases.

If the new Bluetooth design that references the Component is within three years of the original Component certification evaluation, the new Bluetooth that integrates the Component can inherit the conformance test cases from the original certification, and test the test cases in TCRL that end with -C Evidence to complete the certification program.


The Interoperability test cases in the interoperability test case and the test case ending with -I in the test evidence cannot be inherited. In the new BQB certification integrating the component, such test evidence needs to be provided separately.

With the continuous update of TCRL, new test cases may be introduced, and these test cases do not have test evidence that can be cited.

Assuming that the component Component is still within the effective reference time limit of three years, as long as these test cases (test cases) are associated with existing ICS options, members do not need to retest or re-execute new test cases. In the TCRL version due to the introduction of TSETest Specification Errata affected test case test case.
Member companies are always required to maintain their Bluetooth designs in compliance with any expedited corrigenda introduced in each TCRL version since the original component qualification/assessment and provide test evidence for test cases related to it when necessary.

The above content is the introduction of Shenguang Standard on the use of Component test certification in Bluetooth BQB certification. Shenguang Standard has rich experience in technology and has handled expedited Bluetooth BQB certification for many companies, Bluetooth SIG organization punishment violation certification, audit processing, Bluetooth SIG Organize complex things such as ticket processing, bluetooth authorization, etc.

And has assisted a number of Bluetooth chip companies and Bluetooth protocol stack design companies to complete more complex Bluetooth BQB testing and certification projects at component and subsystem levels.

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