SRRC type approval

SRRC (State Radio Regulation of China) is a mandatory certification required by the National Radio Management Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. All wireless radio products sold and used within China must first obtain Radio Type Approval Certification.


Which products require SRRC certification?

1、 SRRC certified products are divided into two categories.

Radio communication, navigation, positioning, direction finding, radar, remote control, telemetry, broadcasting, television and other equipment that emit radio waves (excluding industrial, scientific research, medical equipment, electrified transportation systems, high-voltage power lines, and other electrical devices that can radiate electromagnetic waves);
Fixed communication equipment, public network mobile communication equipment, short range (low-power) transmission equipment, specialized mobile communication equipment, broadcasting transmission equipment, aviation communication, navigation equipment, radar equipment, water communication, navigation equipment, satellite communication equipment.

2、 What are the SRRC certification testing projects?

The main detection items for SRRC certification include: power, spectrum range, frequency tolerance, occupied bandwidth, stray radiation, carrier frequency tolerance, and so on.

3、 What are the SRRC certification testing standards?

The SRRC certification testing standards have different testing labels based on different testing items of the product, with the main standards being the Ministry of Information No. [2002] 353; Xinbu Wu [2002] No. 277; Ministry of Information [2005] No. 423; Gong Xin Wu Han [2009] No. 137; YD/T 1214-2006; YD/T 1215-2006, etc

4、 What materials need to be prepared in advance for SRRC certification?

The application for SRRC certification materials is divided into three parts.

1) General information

a power of attorney;
Commitment letter;

2) Company related information

Business license (annual inspection cannot expire)
ISO certificate or company profile and company capability statement;

3) Technical information

Prototypes, the quantity depends on different products, and some prototypes require RF cables and RF ports or SMA ports;
Product specifications, circuit diagrams, manuals, block diagrams, and operating instructions;
Color photos of antenna gain, EUT (product six sided view), nameplate (must include all interfaces and sides);
Frequency channel comparison table (if there are multiple working channels to be provided);
Fixed frequency software, testing attenuation instructions, Bluetooth/WiFi testing steps;
Channel list, WAPI key component list, WAPI support channel description;

5、 How long is the validity period of the SRRC certificate and how many days in advance does it need to be updated?

The validity period of the "Radio Transmission Equipment Model Approval Certificate" is 5 years, but enterprises need to update the certificate 90 days in advance. Remind enterprises to understand the expiration date of certificates in advance and prepare for updating certificates.

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