SRRC type approval

SRRC (State Radio Regulation of China) is a mandatory certification required by the National Radio Management Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. All wireless radio products sold and used within China must first obtain Radio Type Approval Certification.


SRRC application and certification for 5G products how much is SRRC?

1、 How is the SRRC wireless model approved for 5G?
SRRC (State Radio Regulation of China) is a mandatory certification required by the National Radio Regulatory Commission of the Ministry of Information Industry of China. All radio products sold and used within China must first obtain Radio Type Approval Certificate.

Now, China has formulated special frequency ranges for different types of radio transmission equipment, and not all frequencies can be legally used in China. Applicants must confirm which regulatory category the wireless product belongs to. Depending on the different certification objects they belong to, they not only need to apply for radio model approval certification, but also may need to apply for China Compulsory Certification (CCC) and China Communications Certification (NAL) depending on the situation.

2、 Products that require SRRC certification

(1) 5G personal mobile communication device

(2) Wireless access system

(3) Dedicated network equipment

(4) 5G microwave equipment

(5) Broadcasting and Television Equipment

(6) Satellite equipment

(7) 2.4 ㎓/5.8 ㎓ Wireless LAN devices

(8) Short range wireless devices

(9) Radar

(10) Other radio equipment

(11) Even if it does not belong to the top ten products, if it has similarities with the above products, it may still require certification.

3、 What materials are required for the SRRC wireless model approval application for 5G?

(1) Application form (two copies);

(2) Power of Attorney (two copies);

(3) Business license

(4) Prototype, quantity depends on different products, among which three to five outgoing RF cables (i.e. RF ports or SMA ports) are required;

(5) The customer‘s ISO certificate or company profile and a description of the company‘s capabilities;

(6) Product specifications, circuit diagrams, manuals, block diagrams, operating instructions, etc;

(7) Antenna Peak Gain and Antenna pattern;

(8) Test direction;

(9) The company‘s business license (annual inspection cannot expire)

(10) Three color photos of EUT (must include each interface and each side);

(11) Frequency channel comparison table (only required if there are multiple working channels, such as products with DSSS or FHSS working methods);

4、 What are the contents of SRRC wireless model approval testing for 5G

(1) equivalent isotropically radiated power (EIRP)

(2) Maximum power spectral density

(3) Frequency range

(4) Bandwidth occupation

(5) Carrier frequency tolerance

(6) Spurious emission

5、 SRRC model approval application process for 5G

6、 SRRC wireless model approval cycle for 5G
Usually around 5-6 weeks.

7、 Is there a difference between SRRC certification and CTA certification? Do I need to obtain SRRC certification before obtaining CTA

The "Network Entry License" industry is commonly known as "CTA", which is a mandatory requirement for communication products by the Telecommunications Equipment Management Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
The state must obtain a network access license for telecommunications terminal equipment, radio communication equipment, and telecommunications equipment related to inter network interconnection used in accessing public telecommunications networks (such as China Mobile, China Unicom, and telecommunications); Those who have not obtained a network access license are not allowed to access the public telecommunications network for use or sell in China.
SRRC is a mandatory certification requirement of the National Radio Regulatory Commission, which requires model approval. Before applying for a CTA certificate, one must first obtain the SRRC certificate. CTA and SRRC testing can be conducted simultaneously, but the supported formats and frequency bands of both must have identical functions.

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