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CCC certification guide for wireless charger

In recent years, the application fields of wireless products have become more and more extensive. If you want to sell them in China, you need to carry out certain certification tests. Today, let‘s talk about how to apply for CCC certification for wireless chargers. What are the highlights? Come and have a look!
CCC certification test standard for wireless charger
Gb4943.1-2011 Information technology equipment security Part 1: General requirements
Gb17625.1-2012 Electromagnetic compatibility limits harmonic current emission limits (equipment input current ≤ 16A per phase)
Gb/t9254-2008 Radio disturbance limits and measurement methods for information technology equipment
Data to be submitted for CCC certification of wireless charger
1. The application for compulsory product certification shall be filled in according to the applicant‘s business license for enterprise legal person;
2. Copies of the business license for enterprise legal person of the applicant, manufacturer and manufacturer;
3. Certificate of registered trademark (When there is a registered trademark);
4. Difference description of series models.
5. Factory inspection report (preliminary review and new factory review report), and factory questionnaire shall be filled in for initial application;
6. Apply for 4 samples;
7. Chinese nameplate and warning mark of the product applied for certification;
8. Product general assembly drawing and electrical schematic diagram;
9. Chinese instructions for products applying for certification
CCC certification process for Wireless charger
Stage 1: application acceptance;
Stage 2: data review;
Stage 3: sample receiving for sample delivery;
Stage 4: sample test and data verification;
Stage 5: the laboratory makes a draft;
Stage 6: the draft is correct and uploaded for review;
Stage 7: CQC preliminary evaluation → re evaluation → certificate issuance;
Stage 8: printing, receiving, sending and management of certificates;
Stage 9: factory inspection within 3 months after applying for CCC certificate for the first time
(For factory grade C or D, the certificate can only be obtained after factory inspection)

Deeplight have a group of powerful technical experts and research teams, who keep abreast of the latest trends and technical requirements of certification at home and abroad, and can design an optimal certification scheme for your products. The above is the introduction to the CCC certification of wireless chargers in the deep light standard. If you have any needs in this regard, you can contact us at any time!