FCC certification

Wireless, television, satellite, telecommunications, cable, and other electronic communication products entering the U.S. market all need to undergo FCC certification. FCC stands for the Federal Communications Commission, which is a significant government agency in the United States responsible for regulating and authorizing the use of radio and electronic devices.


Introduction to FCC Fundamentals

FCC certification
    Electronic communication products such as radio, television, satellites, telecommunications, and cables entering the US market require FCC certification. The full name of FCC is the Federal Communications Commission of the United States, which is an important government agency responsible for managing and authorizing the use of radio and electronic devices.

    1、 FCC can apply for three levels of certificates based on different products.

    (1). Certification (ID authentication/recognition verification)
Certification is applicable to wireless transmission products and lighting products.
The first step for manufacturers applying for FCC ID certification is to register an FRN number and apply for the Grantee code of the FCC.
FCC ID=Grantee Code+Product Code, can only consist of a series of Arabic numerals (0-9), uppercase letters (A-Z), as well as three elements: dash (-), underscore (_), and can only contain Arabic numerals, letters, or a combination of the three; The total length of the FCC ID cannot exceed 19 digits.
According to the corresponding testing standards of the product, after obtaining a qualified test report, it shall be submitted for review to the TCB laboratory authorized by the FCC. Only after passing the report can it take effect.

    (2). Declaration of Conformity (DoC/Declaration of Conformity)
DOC is suitable for IT and IT peripheral products. The test report must be issued by an NVLAP accredited laboratory.

    (3). Verification
Verification is applicable to audio and video products such as AV. Its testing must be completed in the FCC Listed test firm.

    2、 It is worth mentioning that as of July 13, 2017, the FCC will no longer receive test reports from non MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) national laboratories. There is no MRA agreement between Chinese Mainland and the United States, only 2.948 laboratories listed by the FCC. Later, the FCC will only receive test reports from recognized laboratories, which will affect the export of electronic communication products to the United States market. The Deep Light standard will continue to monitor the normal changes in the FCC in the future.

    3、 Sample FCC ID Certification Certificate