FCC certification

Wireless, television, satellite, telecommunications, cable, and other electronic communication products entering the U.S. market all need to undergo FCC certification. FCC stands for the Federal Communications Commission, which is a significant government agency in the United States responsible for regulating and authorizing the use of radio and electronic devices.


Explain FCC ID certification and testing standards for walkie talkies

If the walkie talkie products are to be sold to the US and other American mainland markets, the most common compulsory certification requirement is FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification.

1. FCC ID certification testing standards for walkie talkies
The main common certification standards for walkie talkies by FCC include FCC Part 15B, FCC Part 90, FCC Part 95, and FCC OET65.

2. EMC testing standards for FCC ID certification of walkie talkies
The FCC Part 15B mainly covers EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing content.

3. Radio FCC ID Certification RF Test Standard
FCC Part 90 mainly covers the RF testing content of professional walkie talkies, while FCC Part 95 is the RF (radio frequency) testing requirement for civilian walkie talkies.

4. FCC ID certification SAR testing standard for walkie talkies
The testing requirements related to the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) section follow the standard FCC OET65.

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