KDDI Certification

KDDI is a well-known telecommunications operator in Japan with its headquarters located in Tokyo. KDDI has an extensive network coverage in the field of mobile communication, including 4G LTE and 5G networks, offering users high-speed data transmission, voice communication, and internet access services.


KDDI certification test

Unlike Japanese mobile phone users, Chinese mobile phone users like to freely choose a mobile phone on the market and then choose telecom operators such as China Mobile, Unicom and Telecom, while most Japanese choose a telecom operator first. and then choose a contract machine from this telecom operator, so most of the mobile terminals are sold by Japanese telecom operators. When Chinese mobile terminal manufacturers need to sell products to telecom operators such as KDDI, KDDI needs to evaluate the protocol consistency and performance of mobile terminals, and KDDI authentication testing is an authentication procedure to meet this evaluation process.

KDDI is a large Japanese telecom company, which was formed by the merger of DDI, KDD and IDO on October 1, 2000.It mainly uses the brand au with Okinawa mobile phones to provide mobile phone, fixed network, Internet and other telecommunications services.

At present, KDDI has established five service brands of "Au", "TU-KA", "Telephone", "For Business" and "DION" for its whole business system, but for many years, the core business of KDDI is mobile business."Au" is a mobile business brand based on CDMA network, providing various mobile communication services based on 3G network. Its business scale ranks second among the three comprehensive telecom companies in Japan (NTT, KDDI and Softbank). In Japan, KDDI is mostly called together with au, so it will be written as au / KDDI. In addition, KDDI is also the leading operator in business and technology in the global CDMA camp. KDDI commercializes the current 3G CDMA2000 system and 4G LTE.

Like other professional evaluation processes, PTCRB and GCF certification, or AT&T, Vodafone, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile certification tests, KDDI certification tests also require conformance and interoperability testing.

1. Conformance testing includes

KDDI specific script testing

2. End-to-end testing includes

Field Trials

Interoperability test

Among them, field testing and interoperability are very characteristic, with the test standards specified by KDDI, which need to meet the special customized testing of KDDI in the market and user planning.

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