PTCRB Certification

PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board) refers to the Personal Communication Services Type Certification Review Board, which was established by North American mobile operators in 1997. The organization‘s membership now extends beyond North America and includes mobile operators from around the world.


How many kinds of listing fees are there for PTCRB certification?


The special testing contents include protocol, audio, SIM, AT, OTA, etc.These are uncommon testing such as SRRC, CE and FCC.


PTCRB certification is a higher-level evaluation of products in addition to legal certification. The total cost of PTCRB certification consists of two parts: the first part is the testing cost; The second part is the PTCRB certification listing fee (some people call it PTCRB fee), which is the fee paid to CTIA (PTCRB certification is the responsibility of CTIA). This part of the fee is also a lot.


Now many Internet of things products or mobile products use PTCRB certified modules, which can not only save a lot of testing costs, but also save a lot of PTCRB certification listing fees.


Take a project we handle as an example. The product is an Internet of things product, which is applied to the navigation tablet of freight truck and uses a module. The module has passed PTCRB certification and is within the validity period of certification. In this way, the customer‘s product only needs to do a small amount of RF test, SIM test and protocol test to complete the whole project. The listing fee for PTCRB certification can also be reduced from US $12500 to US $1500.


However, there are many kinds of listing fees for PTCRB certification. Which one should be paid according to? This problem is the reason why our company publishes this article. The following are the types of PTCRB fees CTIA certification fees.

CTIA will invoice the manufacturer a certification administrator fee of.


1) $12,500 for an Initial Certification request ($15,000 if incorporating Wi-Fi and undergoing Converged Device Testing)


$7,500 if a Module or End Product using a Certified Chipset;

$10,000 if incorporating Wi-Fi and undergoing Converged Device Testing

$1,500 if an Integrated Device, Embedded Modem, Notebook, or Tablet incorporating a certified Module;

$2,125 if incorporating Wi-Fi and undergoing Converged Device Testing


2)$3,125 for a Variant certification request ($3,750 if incorporating Wi-Fi and undergoing Converged Device Testing)


$1,000 for an Integrated Device Variant certification request ($1,625 if incorporating Wi-Fi and undergoing Converged Device Testing)


3)$3,125 for rebranding of a previously-certified device. If the device is an Integrated Device, the fee is $1,000. The fee is the same regardless of whether the Device incorporates Wi-Fi. See Section 11.13 of this document for the definition of and processes for rebranding.


4)$3,125 for each Subset beyond the first Subset.


This fee is until December 2021. CTIA will change the fee from time to time. Please consult us for the latest fee.


The above is the listing fees for various PTCRB certification. Customers often ask: if the circuit design is the same, but the appearance changes or the battery capacity changes, do you need to recertify? This is a professional problem. According to our observation on the test data of previous change project, the OTA and RSE will be affected, so need to apply for Variant certification. But it‘s not all like this. It‘s best to have product pictures and samples for Deeplight evaluation, and Deeplight will give professional suggestions.


If you feel headache from reading the above information, there is another way: directly contact Deeplight for consultation.

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