GCF Certification

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) was established in 1999. It is an organization founded jointly by operators and terminal manufacturers with the aim of ensuring global interoperability of terminals through an independent certification process.


What items are tested for GCF certification / PTCRB certification?

1. An old-fashioned introduction:

The full name of GCF certification is Global Certification Forum (Global Accreditation Forum). GCF certification is an organization jointly established by operators and terminal manufacturers. At present, it mainly conducts certification for GSMWCDMALTE products. GCF certification is based on the voluntary principle. Terminal manufacturers declare whether their products meet the requirements of the certification standard based on the GCF certification standard (Certification Criteria). Although the GCF certification standard is not a mandatory requirement, most countries and regions in the world currently require terminal production. The manufacturer completes the test of the GCF certification standard, or conducts the test with reference to the GCF certification standard. Although the GCF certification standard is not a mandatory requirement, there are still many countries and regions in the world that require terminal manufacturers to complete the GCF certification standard test, or refer to the GCF certification standard test. In the European market, the sales of terminal products are combined with network operators. Network operators generally require manufacturers to obtain a complete GCF certification test report, and individual strict network operators require GCF certification.

The full name of PTCRB certification is PCS Type Certification Review Board (PCS Type Certification Committee). It was established in March 1997 and added the requirements for the 850 frequency band in May 2001. It is an important milestone in the development of the American Standardization Organization. PTCRB certification is also a global organization, which is very similar to GCF certification. It is mainly composed of operators and terminal manufacturers, and aims to provide an independent evaluation process. GSM and WCDMA products can only obtain PTCRB certification through this evaluation process. PTCRB certification is also based on the voluntary principle, but although PTCRB certification is not a government-mandatory certification, in the North American market, most terminal product sales are combined with network operators (Operators), and general network operators will require GSM and WCDMA terminal equipment is certified by PTCRB. The administrative agency for PTCRB certification is CTIA.

2. Test content

3. GCF certification/PTCRB certification conformance test project taking WCDMA as an example

4.GCF certification and PTCRB certification can be divided into two ways: certification certificate and test report

(1) The certification method is to list the product model and other information on the (listing) GCF or PTCRB website, and each GCF or PTCRB member can query the certification information of the product through the GCF or PTCRB website. The GCF certification or PTCRB certification certificate method needs to complete all the consistency and end-to-end tests, and then upload the test report to the GCF certification or PTCRB certification website, as long as it passes the audit, it can be displayed on the website. The advantage of this method is that each operator has a very high degree of recognition of the product. The disadvantage is: due to the large amount of testing, the testing cost will be relatively high.

(2) The test report method can be tested according to the customer‘s requirements, and the customer can specify the test content. Usually customers will request to complete a small part of the RF, protocol, SIM, and audio tests in the conformance test. The advantage of this method is that the test content can be customized flexibly, and the test cost will be relatively low. The disadvantage is: the degree of recognition is not as high as the certificate method, and it may usually be a test specified by a certain operator. After the test is completed, there is only a test report, which cannot be listed on the GCF certification and PTCRB certification websites.

Official website of GCF certification: www.globalcertificationforum.org

PTCRB certification official website: www.ptcrb.com

5. Information required for GCF certification / PTCRB certification

GCF certification / PTCRB certification testing and certification need to provide PICS/PIXIT

PICS: Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement

PIXIT: Protocol Implementation Extra Information for Testing

PICS/PIXIT describes various functions and parameters of the sample, and Deeplight can select the content to be tested according to the file.