AT&T Certification

AT&T is a well-known telecommunications company in the United States that offers various communication services and solutions. AT&T provides certification services to ensure the compatibility and interoperability of devices and applications on its network.


How to do the U.S. operator AT&T certification test

 AT&T, founded in 1877, as an American telecom operator with a history of 120 years, is the second largest mobile operator in the United States. The importance of the world-famous telecom operator who once monopolized the American long-distance and local telephone market for a long time is self-evident. If there is a product to be sold to AT&T, it is usually a large order. Since it is a large order, there must be a lot of requirements. Let’s take a look at how operators generally need to prepare to sell machines to AT&T.

1. AT & T testing requires AT& T 10776:
The purpose of AT&T 10776 is to ensure that the terminal unit (TU) and accessory technology acceptance (TA) processes are completed in an efficient and predictable manner and that the equipment approved during these processes reaches the level of quality, minimizes or eliminates post-business problems and maintenance versions, and delivers a positive, high-quality experience to AT&T customers. Generally speaking, according to the requirements of AT&T 10776, there are mainly radio frequency testing, application testing and field testing.
2. At & T Certification Test Hardware Requirements

 If You Are Testing FOTA, you must contact AT&T to ensure that the AT&T FOTA Server has loaded two versions of the software for the device under test. If the customer does not use the AT&T FOTA Server for this test, the customer must provide alternative adjustments and supporting documentation.

Also remember to provide AT Command documentation for the device, device drivers, cables, memory devices and other related hardware for running tests and obtaining log files. All official laboratory entry and maintenance release (MR) tests require 2 SIM card locking devices.

3. AT&T certification test equipment requirements

Equipment for A laboratory entry test and official MR test submitted for AT&T Group.

If a notification email must be sent to the supplier coordinator designated by AT&T, the equipment will be submitted to the laboratory for pre-entry testing.

(1) Equipment model

(2) Software version

(3) Define the test plan
(4) The above items must be in the AT & T Quality Center (QC) . A complete AT& T 13289 e-form should be provided. The Compliance Matrix and Feature Matrix tabs must be completed.
(5) interestingly, AT&T does not accept summary results and does not allow changes to software or hardware during testing. The correct number of devices and peripherals must be provided to complete the test within the specified time.

4. Special notes for AT&T Certification Testing
(1) AGPS. Ensure that at least 2 of the sample equipment has a GPS RF test port. If required,each device needs to preload the AT&T security certificates for SUPT 1 and 2.
(2) TTY adapters. Provide at least 2 TTY adapters that match the impedance of the test equipment.
(3) Audio adapters (AMR rate matching). For modules, provide at least two audio adapters that match the impedance of the test equipment.
(4) AMR MM. The 3.5mm audio connector is required to interface with the ANITE audio box (Adio-L,Adio-R and Video). If not, TTY adapters must be used, or vendors can provide their own audio boxes.
(5) Application testing. Ensure that at least 3 sample units of the application have RF port access to the following test areas:
(6) CMAS (Cell broadcast). A modem driver and instructions and code to enable this feature are required.

(7) Application Protection Network (APtN)

(8) Wi-Fi testing. Periodic authorization of mobile hotspots

(9) Android Tethering Entitlement. Periodic authorization
(10) Android security. The test requires the following list of OEM documents: permission work spreadsheet, writable directories and file files, recovery mode documents, security mode documents, security critical function declaration documents, and file system permissions for test case GSM-BTR-5-2084-Android. Provide one of the following solutions: prepared root device; user debug version we can refresh the device to allow su (superuser) / root access; .apk (program)
(11) Device erase. Provide the AT command file for testing on the Setcom S-Core test box
(12) For this test, we will need 2 radio equipment (exposure of RF port) and two application equipment.
The above is a brief introduction to the software and hardware above to apply for the AT&T certification test prototype of the US carrier. Deeplight carries on the certification test of the global operators all the year round. Customers who need it are welcome to contact us for information.

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