Japan TELEC/JATE certification

The "Wireless Telegraphy Act" requires model approval for specified radio equipment. Certification is mandatory, and the certification bodies are registered certification organizations recognized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) within the scope of designated radio equipment. TELEC (Telecom Engineering Center) is the primary registered certification organization for radio equipment conformity certification in Japan.


Japan Radio Law and Japan Telec certification

When wireless products launch Japan market, will be encounter a compulsory certification called Japan Radio Law certification, commonly known as telec certification or called R certification.
In addition, there are names such as Japan MIC certification, giteki certification, JRL certification. Japan JRL certification is mainly used to control the radio frequency of the product.
Mainly testing  items:

frequency error, antenna power density, channel bandwidth, dwell time, etc.
Most of the testing items of WiFi and Bluetooth products are similar to the EN 300 328, but the testing items are simpler and less than the EN 300 328.
After successful application for Japan Radio Law certification, The certification authority RCB will issue a Japan Radio Law certificate that include ID number.The manufacturer needs to mark the Japan Radio Law certification logo and ID number together on the product,so that the product to be legally sold in the Japanese market. 

To apply for Japan Radio Law certification, the required files list are as follows:
Block Diagram, BOMproduct photos,User Manual, Circuit Diagram, PCB layout,Antenna Specifications, Quality System declaration or certificate (Declaration of Quality Management System or ISO certificate).
The files list are only accepted in English or Japanese. The same is for test reports. In addition, you need to pay attention to the number of models when submitting. If the number of models is too many it may need to conduct product differentiation testing or submit model review fees. Japan’s Radio Law certification requires manufacturers to be obliged to keep the certification data for 10 years

Deeplight has many years of experience in assisting customers to apply for a series of certifications in Japan, not only the Japanese Radio Law, but also the Japanese Telecommunications Law certification, and the Japanese PSE certification. Welcome to consult us about certifications related to Japan.