Japan TELEC/JATE certification

The "Wireless Telegraphy Act" requires model approval for specified radio equipment. Certification is mandatory, and the certification bodies are registered certification organizations recognized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) within the scope of designated radio equipment. TELEC (Telecom Engineering Center) is the primary registered certification organization for radio equipment conformity certification in Japan.


Japan Telec certified model changes&product catalog

1. Engineering Design Book

    Japan Radio Law Certification (also known as Telec Certification), also known as Technical Benchmark Suitability Certificate, TELEC Certification, MIC Certification, and Japan Radio Law Certification. If there are multiple communication methods during the certification process, different Type Specifications need to be filled out.

2. Special requirements in Telec certification

    In addition, the special point of the product is that it also needs to meet the requirements of institutional protection in production and manufacturing, and can not be opened or modified by consumers at will. This requires special institutional protection measures or the use of special screw.

3. Do you need to reapply for a new certificate for changes in the model or trademark of the same product?

    For the issue of whether it is necessary to reapply for certification if the circuit design of the product is the same, but the manufacturer or model changes, the official explanation is as follows:
    Engineering design certification, wireless equipment "engineering design" (=ta イプ) についににするををですソソをですソソソソすにににすにソソるをを. Firstly, when receiving the engineering design certification, it is necessary to propose the "Engineering Design Book" to record the changes and provide a registration certificate for the design changes. The certification process for machine related equipment shall be conducted in the form of a certificate from the top to the bottom. There are some specific situations where there are changes in the production process, such as the production efficiency of the fixed output, the manufacturer‘s name and type of the messenger, the requirements for adding equipment, and the recording items in the wireless device system design. The certification of engineering design is subject to direct and necessary supervision.

    The so-called engineering design certification refers to the certification of the suitability of technical standards for the "engineering design" (=type) of wireless devices. Therefore, for the recorded items in the "engineering design document" submitted when obtaining engineering design certification initially, even if some of them have changed, please obtain certification again through the registration certification authority. Specifically, if there are changes to the rated output, antenna gain, manufacturer name, type of product, and the items recorded in the wireless device system diagram submitted in the attached drawings, a new certification certificate needs to be applied for
    Namely, the product is exactly the same, but any change in the applicant, manufacturer, trademark, model, product name, etc. requires a new certificate application, which is different from other certifications.

4. Catalogue of Telec certified products

    Many people know that common wireless products, such as mobile phones, need to apply for Telec certification. However, what if it is a product with a lot of wireless communication technology? Which ones need to apply for certification and which ones don‘t? The Deeplight standard often encounters such problems in daily contact with customers, such as the drones that many people play with nowadays.

   Ordinary drones come with 2.4 or Bluetooth capabilities, but once they are industrial drones, they come with more wireless communication methods. The UAV system recently contacted by the Dark Light standard has three parts: UAV, remote controller, ground station, which also has 2.4G, Bluetooth, WIFI, walkie talkie, millimeter wave radar, 520MHz graphics transmission, LTE+WCDMA functions.So many communication methods, which need to apply for authentication, which do not need it?

Deeplight  standard specially found the information, found that the equipment above the following list is required to apply for Japanese radio law certification.

Japan Radio Law Telec certified product list
(Specific wireless devices, etc.)
An overview of the product bulleted facilities listed in the certification rules.

No. 3 O      Citizen radio
No. 7 L Cordless telephone
Telemetry, remote control, for data transmission
For medical telemeters
For implantable medical data for internal medical implantation
Data transmission equipment for international transport, data control
equipment for international transport
For radio paging
For wireless microphone
Radio microphone for hearing aid
Suitable for wireless phones
For voice assisted wireless phones
For motion recognition
For motion recognition (except frequency-hopping methods) 953.5 MHz
For millimeter wave radar
For mobile sensors
For animal detection and notification systems
No.13      AZ Low power security
No.19 WW Advanced low-power data communication systems in the 2.4 GHz band (2,400 to 2,483.5 MHz)
No.19, two articles GZ Low power data communication systems in the 2.4 GHz band (2,471 to 2,497 MHz
No.2-19 No.19 UV Advanced low-power data communication systems in the GHz band (2,400 to 2,483.5 MHz) (for outdoor model aircraft radio control)
No.2-3 No.19 VV GHz band Low Power data communication System (2,471 to 2,497 MHz) (for outdoor model aircraft radio control)
No.193 in total XW 5 GHz band Low power data communication systems (5,150 to 5,350 MHz)
No.2-3 YW 5 GHz band Low power data communication system (5,470 to 5,725 MHz)
Phase 3 HS 5 GHz band low power data communication systems (5,210 to 5,290 MHz, 5,530 to 5,610 MHz)
No.19 No.4 HX Low power data communication system in quasi-millimeter band
No.19 No.2 WU 60 GHz band low power data communication system
P 4. Four pages in total WV 60 GHz band low-power data communication system (10 mW or less)
No.11 FV Land mobile stations (0.01W or lower) for radio access systems in the 5 GHz band
No.21 IZ Digital cordless Telephone 
No.21 No.2 AT Digital cordless Telephone (Broadband TDMA)
No.21,three articles BT Digital Cordless Telephone (TDMA/OFDMA)
No.22 JX PHS Land mobile station
No.32 CY Land mobile station for narrow-area communication systems
No. 33, two articles FX Test station for narrow-area communication system
No.47 UW Ultra wideband (UWB) radio system
No.47,No.2 VU UWB radar system
No.64 XT Intelligent transportation System land mobile station in the 700 MHz band
No.75 CR 5.2GHz high power data communication system land mobile station

    The Deeplight standard has undergone several well-known mandatory certifications in Japan all year round, such as Telec certification (applicable to wireless products), JATE certification (telecommunications products), and Diamond PSE certification (electronic products). It has obtained relevant certifications for a number of listed companies. Customers are welcome to inquire.

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