Japan TELEC/JATE certification

The "Wireless Telegraphy Act" requires model approval for specified radio equipment. Certification is mandatory, and the certification bodies are registered certification organizations recognized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) within the scope of designated radio equipment. TELEC (Telecom Engineering Center) is the primary registered certification organization for radio equipment conformity certification in Japan.


Which products require not only Japanese Telec certification but also JATE certification

    The certification in the Japanese market is not only complex but also detailed. I often receive customer inquiries, specifying that I need to apply for Japanese Telec certification for a certain Bluetooth WIFI product (also known as R certification, Japanese Radio Law certification, MIC certification, Giteki certification, JRL certification, Japan Radio Law, engineering design certification, and other names). Can Bluetooth WIFI products only apply for Telec certification?

    Some products only need to apply for Japanese Telec certification, and some products not only need to apply for Telec certification, but also need to apply for JATE certification (also known as T certification, Electricity and Communications Law, Japan Telecom Law, Japan TBL certification,
Telecommunications business law certification). It should be noted that both Telec certification and JATE certification are mandatory certifications required by Japanese law, Products that meet the requirements require both Telec and Jade certifications to be allowed to be shipped to Japan and sold in the Japanese market.

    In Japan, communication products, whether wired or wireless, are generally referred to as communication terminal devices. Japan needs to protect the circuit facilities and functional safety of operators, as well as the network security of telecommunications operators through transmission, so there is a requirement for JATE certification.

    When the terminal device is connected to the carrier line, authentication display is required and displayed on the product to indicate compliance with legal requirements. Products in the telecommunications industry cannot be used unless they have obtained legal compliance certification based on technical standards, such as T certification (commonly known as Japan Telecom Law Certification or JATE Certification). (Articles 53 and 56 of the Electricity and Communications Industry Law)

    Including the latest Internet of Things products, such as NB IoT (Category NB1), EMTC (M1 class), and LPWA (Low Power Wide Area), they will also need to undergo Japan Telecom Law certification.

    The editor checked and sorted out which products not only need to apply for Telec certification but also need to apply for JATE certification. The following table is a sorting chart:

       Note: The Telecommunications Business Law (T certification) refers to JATE certification. Radio method (R certification) refers to Telec certification.
    The ‘O‘ symbol means that the requirements need to be met.

    Deeplight standard has been certified by the Japanese radio wave method Telec and Japanese telecommunications method JATE all year round, and is familiar with certification changes and testing requirements. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult Deeplight standard for free