Japan PSE certification

PSE certification is a mandatory safety certification in Japan, used to demonstrate that electrical and electronic products have passed safety standard tests under Japan‘s Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law (DENAN Law) or international IEC standards. Japan‘s DENAN Law, which governs electrical devices and materials, mandates that 498 types of products entering the Japanese market must undergo PSE safety certification. Among them, 165 types of Class A products should obtain the diamond-shaped PSE mark, while 333 types of Class B products should obtain the circular PSE mark.


Does the Japanese classification of beauty equipment require medical device certification on Amazon Japan? Do beauty machines with lasers require Japanese PSC certification?

1、 What certifications do common Amazon Japan beauty equipment have?

What certification is generally required for sales of beauty instruments on Amazon Japan? Below is an introduction to the various certifications that most beauty salon sellers in Japan are often required to provide by Amazon

(1). The product comes with a power adapter, and the power supply and wires require diamond shaped PSE certification

(2). METI Filing of Adapters

(3). The product comes with wireless functions: Bluetooth, WIFI, etc., TELEC/Japanese radio certification

(4). Complete machine circular PSE certification, METI filing

(5). The product comes with a laser and is certified by the Japanese PSC

(6). Certification of medical devices

2、 What are the beauty instruments available? Classification of Beauty Instruments

(1). Whitening beauty instruments

(2). Hair removal beauty equipment

(3). Wrinkle removal beauty instruments

(4). Skin rejuvenation beauty instruments

3、 What is classification and definition? Do Amazon Japan beauty machines need to undergo medical device certification? Is the beauty instrument removed from the shelves and required to undergo medical device certification? Do beauty instruments with lasers require PSC certification?

This issue should be the top concern of all beauty instrument sellers. Once a beauty instrument product is recognized as a medical device, Amazon will require the product to be certified for medical devices, including laser beauty instruments, and PSC certification.

These two certifications are relatively expensive among Japanese certifications, and cannot be affordable for small and medium-sized sellers. Once a product is judged to have been removed from the shelves and requires certification for medical devices, or PSC certification, it is basically abandoned due to the high certification price.

What is classification and definition: Due to the role of beauty equipment, it is easy to be judged as a medical device, but beauty equipment itself is not a medical device in design and use. Once it is judged as a medical device by Amazon and requires medical device certification. We can define the classification of this beauty device to prove that it does not belong to medical devices according to Japanese laws and regulations. At the same time, we can avoid the PSC certification catalog for the product. Since the product does not belong to medical devices according to Japanese laws and the beauty device is not within the PSC certification catalog, there is no need to do medical device certification and PSC certification!

4、 What information is required for the classification and definition of beauty equipment in Japanese stations.

Seller Mark/Vendor ID
The list of ASINs you are applying for sales and the corresponding production workers for each ASIN
Production factory information
Product specification or user manual
id label 
Product interior and exterior photos

5、 Special precautions for classification and definition of beauty equipment.

After completing the classification definition, it is particularly important to pay attention to the revision of the product‘s explanatory text, images, and titles. It is necessary to understand relevant Japanese laws to legally avoid risks and avoid the intervention and review of medical product control departments and Japanese advertising laws
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