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Power laser product test certification, what are the common high power laser products

1. High-power laser product testing and certification

In the sales process of high-power laser products, whether it is normal offline sales, export customs clearance or online sales on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba, laser testing and certification issues will be involved. especially for laser products with high emission power, improper use can cause serious harm to human life. therefore, the intensity of control is relatively large. Before going on sale, it must go through relevant testing and certification to obtain a certificate or report to prove that the product meets the relevant regulatory standards before it can be sold in the market normally.
2. What test certifications are required for high-power laser products to be sold in Europe, America, Japan and China?
1. America
High-power laser products sold on Amazon‘s US station or exported to the United States must be tested and certified in accordance with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) 21CFR regulations on laser product testing and certification standards, and submitted to FDA registration after the test is completed. The general test standard is 21CFR 1040.10. Laser products sold on Amazon generally require a 21CFR1040.10 laser test report, and sometimes a registration number.
2. Europe
For high-power laser products exported to Europe or sold on Amazon Europe, you need to provide an IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) laser test report. IEC 60825-1:2014 is the IEC test standard for lasers. European countries generally accept IEC reports. Laser products listed on the European station also need to provide this test report.
3. Japan
Laser products with high emission power are sold on Amazon Japan station or exported to Japan, generally need to obtain Japanese PSC certification.
4. China
When selling products with a laser in China, the laser part of the product needs to be tested according to the GB7247 standard to obtain a report.
3. Divide the laser grade according to the laser emission power
Class I: Laser products with an output power of 0-0.4 mW have no biological hazard. Any possible viewing beams are shielded and the laser system is interlocked when the laser is exposed.

Class II: The output power of laser products is 0.4-1 mW. Will not burn the skin and will not cause a fire. Because eye reflections can prevent some eye damage, these types of lasers are not considered hazardous optical devices.

Class IIIa: Laser products with an output power of 1 mW to 5 mW. Does not burn the skin. Under certain conditions, these types of lasers can cause blindness and other damage to the eye.

Class IIIb: Laser products with an output power of 5 mW to 500 mW. At relatively high power, such laser products can scorch the skin. This type of laser product is clearly defined as hazardous to the eyes, especially at relatively high powers, which will cause eye damage.

Class IV: The output power of laser products is greater than 500 mW. These types of laser products can definitely cause eye damage. Like burning skin and igniting clothing, lasers can ignite other materials. High-power laser products basically belong to this category.
4. Common high-power laser products

1. Laser engraving machine
2. Laser cutting machine
3. Laser welding machine
4. Laser cleaning machine
5. Laser marking machine

The emission power of the above laser products is basically between a few watts and several hundreds of watts belonging to IV class, and the danger during use is high. Deeplight can obtain the IEC60825 report, FDA 21CFR1040.10 test certification, and GB7247 test report. For such laser products report ,Welcome to contact.