North American NRTL

JATE certification is a mandatory certification for devices connecting to the Japanese telecommunications network. The "Telecommunications Business Act" refers to the Japanese legal framework, and in essence, JATE certification is the certification required for network access in Japan. JATE stands for Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Equipment and is the primary registered certification organization for telecommunications equipment technology compliance in Japan.

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NRTL certification and UL standards testing

NRTL(Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) certification and UL standards testing is used for the safety certification of electrical and electronic products exported to the North American market.
In general, safety certification in North American market is not mandatory, but most products exported to North American market will voluntarily apply for these certification and testing. Because consumers are very concerned about the safety of their products
Amazon and AliExpress aslo often require NRTL certification or UL standards testing for chargers, lithium battery products, and electronic products.
UL 94…
A product certified by NRTL or UL standards testing indicates that the product meets the requirements of one or more appropriate safety testing standards, easily obtain consumer trust in the product.
Deeplight Technology has carried out NRTL certification and UL standards testing for many years and has rich experience. We will select the appropriate safety test standards according to the customer’s products, quickly assist customers to finish the product testing, obtain pass for sales in the North American market, thereby gaining a larger market. Welcome to consult us.

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