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With years of experience, Deeplight Technology can assist customers in completing RF, profile, and other testing. It can also complete Bluetooth protocol protocol testing that few institutions in the market can do, taking into account BREDR+BLE dual mode testing.

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Deeplight Standard Technology|The product has been certified by Bluetooth BQB. How to obtain Bluetooth authorization?

With the development of e-commerce and foreign trade, various Bluetooth products are emerging in the market now. These Bluetooth products need to pass a Bluetooth BQB certification before they go on the market. After Bluetooth certification, Bluetooth products can only be sold abroad before customs clearance or Only by selling on the e-commerce platform can they not be removed from the shelves. Bluetooth BQB certification must have been done or known by people who do foreign trade or e-commerce, but not many people know about Bluetooth authorization.
The product has already passed the Bluetooth BQB certification. How to obtain the Bluetooth authorization? Seeing this, everyone must be muttering in their hearts. Doesn’t the Bluetooth certification mean that they have obtained the Bluetooth authorization? In fact, Bluetooth BQB certification is not the same thing as Bluetooth authorization.
Under the normal process, if the product has obtained the Bluetooth BQB certification, it will be licensed by the Bluetooth SIG organization, and products with Bluetooth technology can be shipped and sold. However, some relatively small customs or stores do not know this process, so they need to obtain After Bluetooth BQB certification, Bluetooth authorization is obtained.
The process of obtaining Bluetooth authorization is as follows, contact Deeplight Technology:

1. Apply to become a member of the Bluetooth SIG organization.

2. Complete the Bluetooth BQB certification of related products.

3. Provide product packaging and product pictures.

4. Provide the relevant product shipping number.

5. Fill in the detailed company product application form.
The above content is the introduction of Deeplight Technology on Bluetooth authorization. Deeplight Technology  has rich experience in technology and has handled expedited Bluetooth BQB certification for many companies, Bluetooth SIG organization penalty violation certification, audit processing, Bluetooth SIG organization sent ticket processing, Complicated things like bluetooth authorization.
And has assisted a number of Bluetooth chip companies and Bluetooth protocol stack design companies to complete more complex Bluetooth BQB testing and certification projects at component and subsystem levels.
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