WI-FI Alliance Certification

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a commercial alliance that owns the Wi-Fi trademark and is responsible for Wi-Fi certification and trademark licensing. Its primary purpose is to promote compatibility certification for Wi-Fi products worldwide and advance wireless local area network (IEEE 802.11 standard) technology.

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Six major testing FCC certification items for Wifi products

For such an era of fierce foreign trade competition, if you know more about FCC certification, your cost may be lower than others.
This undoubtedly plays a very important role in promoting market development and business development.
There are more and more WIFI products, and the development of mobile communication technology has prompted more and more composite devices to appear on the market, such as 3G wireless routing devices, which have both 3G and WiFi functions, and use 3G as high-speed network access.
However, most devices of this type have multi-antenna interfaces, and the antennas are replaceable.
The FCC test standards for WiFI products are based on Parts 22 and 24 of the FCC regulations, EIA/TIA-603-C and the latest "Permit but Ask list" regulations issued by the FCC on October 15, 2010.

Six major testing FCC certification items for Wifi products

1. If the built-in antenna is detachable, then measure the antenna power at the antenna connection; if the antenna is not detachable, measure EIRP/ERP.

2. Measure the stray power of the antenna at the antenna connection end, including spurs and harmonics at the edge of the bandwidth.

3. Under the condition of setting the external port at a typical impedance, measure the external radiation stray and conduction stray.

4. Test the frequency stability, voltage and temperature of the antenna end.

5. Measure the occupied bandwidth of the antenna end.

6. Measure the required test items of other licensed products.

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