WI-FI Alliance Certification

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a commercial alliance that owns the Wi-Fi trademark and is responsible for Wi-Fi certification and trademark licensing. Its primary purpose is to promote compatibility certification for Wi-Fi products worldwide and advance wireless local area network (IEEE 802.11 standard) technology.

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Latest WiFi alliance membership fees and common membership questions in 2022

Members‘ participation in WiFi alliance shows that your business is engaged in the development of the latest WiFi technology. In addition, you obtain the logo and technology use right of WiFi alliance.
In addition to the test certification fee, the remaining WiFi alliance certification fee is the membership fee. The WiFi alliance is divided into four levels. The WiFi alliance will adjust the membership fee according to the situation. The latest four levels of membership fees are as follows:
1. Contributor
(1) Annual fee of 20,000 USD/year

(2) Member rights:

Participate in the development, testing and certification of WIFI products
Participate in the WIFI market, WIFI technology and supervision task group and vote
Can supervise the WIFI technology development program
Provide benefits to affiliates

2. Implementer Member
(1) Annual fee 5,150 USD/year

(2) Member rights:

Use an unmodified WiFi module, and the module has been certified by other members
Use WiFi certification marks and brands
Access the final WiFi technical policy document
3. Small Business Introductory Participant
(1) Annual fee of USD 7,725/year

(2) Member rights:

Benefits similar to contributor status
Able to verify products and participate in task groups and vote on them
4. Small Business Introductory Implementer
(1) Annual fee: US$2,575/year

(2) Member rights:

Same benefits as implementer status
Ability to implement certified solutions in products and use Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ brand

5. In addition, common problems of WIFI alliance members include:
(1) What are the conditions to prove that our company’s income meets membership qualifications?
Provide the most recent financial statements and submit them to the WIFI Alliance together with the membership questionnaire.
(2) If our company‘s revenue exceeds US$10 million during the membership period, do we need to change the membership level?
The entry membership for small businesses is valid throughout the year, and there is no need to change the membership level that year. But the next year will be carried out as a contributor or implementer-level member.
(3) If our company was a small business member in the past, can we still take advantage of this discount?
Yes. Your company may rejoin under the "Small Business Introduction" level. However, this discount can only be used once for a maximum of two years.
(4) Can we register our subsidiary as an affiliate member under our small business introduction membership?
Affiliated companies are not considered as "small business introductory" members. Members can use it under reputable contributors or sponsor members.
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