USCellular Certification

USCellular is a well-known telecommunications operator in the United States, providing mobile communication services and solutions to users. USCellular offers a wide range of communication services in multiple states, including voice calls, text messaging, mobile data, and internet access, among others.


USCellular Testing and Certification Process

1、 USCellular/USCC Basic Information

USCellular is the fourth largest full service wireless operator in the United States, providing national network coverage and industry-leading innovation aimed at improving customer experience. This Chicago based operator provides a powerful and reliable network supported by the latest technology, as well as a wide range of communication services to improve consumers‘ lives, enhance the competitiveness of local enterprises, and enhance the efficiency of government operations.


2、 Essential Conditions for USCellular IOT Certification

The USCellular requires that the modules (or LTE modems) used for the device must first be FCC certified, and the device appearance must comply with FCC certified device module guidelines. It is recommended that both the device and module can pass PTCRB/GCF testing. If the device does not pass PTCRB/GCF testing, the OEM needs to provide relevant information for review.
3、 USCellular Device Certification Process

(1) Provide equipment technical details for operator

(2) Technical Requirements Review

(3) Laboratory testing

(4) Problem handling and retesting

4、 Information required for equipment certification

(1) Manufacturer/model of the equipment to be certified;

(2) Provide contact name, email, and phone number;

1) Technical data requirements;

2) Document on the radiation performance of cellular;

3) A copy of the Verification and Validation (V&V) testing plan completed by the OEM;

(3) Provide the FCC ID certification number that the device is using, and if the device is using module FCC ID certification, provide this FCC ID and any usage documents for FCC 15 module certification;

(4) Provide PTCRB/GCF certification test number

(5) Complete the V&V testing plan and provide it to USCellular for review;

(6) After the V&V testing plan is approved, two devices will be provided to the laboratory for further testing. If there are problems during the USCellular testing, the OEM (production manufacturer) should provide the contact name, email, and phone number. It is also important to note that the USCellular will retain one device for future troubleshooting;

(7) Once the USCellular testing is completed and any issues are resolved, the USCellular will issue TA certification for the device;

     The above is the testing and certification process for the USCellular. For detailed information, please consult Deeplight Technology. We will provide you with a complete set of certification services.

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