Dish Network Certification

Dish Network, also known simply as Dish, is an American satellite broadcasting service provider headquartered in Meridian, Colorado. The company offers satellite television, satellite internet, audio programming, and interactive television services to both commercial and residential customers in the United States.


North American operator Dish Network testing and certification process

1、 Some information on DISH in the United States

  Dish, whose full name is DISH Network Corporation, is a satellite TV service provider in the United States. At present, Dish is the second largest service provider in the United States and the third largest pay TV service provider, mainly providing satellite TV, satellite network, radio and other services for American users. Unlike other operators‘ international expansion, Dish Network only operates within the United States and has over 14 million users.

2、 Authentication required for device access to Dish network

(1) The necessary certification is to obtain the certification of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States, and establish the standards for radiation sources to ensure that the equipment meets the regulations on interference with other radio communications.
The specific requirements may vary depending on the type and function of the equipment, and other additional certifications may be required:

(2) UL certification: UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification is a certification for product safety. UL certification ensures that equipment complies with US and international safety standards, including testing for electrical safety, fire performance, material usage, and other aspects.

(3) WiFi authentication: If the device has wireless network connectivity capabilities (such as WiFi), WiFi authentication may be required. WiFi certification is the responsibility of the WiFi Alliance, ensuring that devices comply with wireless network communication standards and interoperability requirements.

(4) GCF/PTCRB authentication, verifying the consistency of the protocol and RF to meet the technical audit requirements in the early stage.

3、 Test items that usually need to be done

(1) FT Testing: Ensure the compatibility between the device and the actual network, and enable business level interaction on the actual network.

(2) Radio frequency testing: Verify the RF transmission performance and frequency range compliance of the equipment. It includes parameters such as measurement equipment‘s transmission power, frequency stability, and spectrum occupation to ensure that the equipment can operate normally when using the DISH Network signal frequency band.

(3) Product Performance Testing: Verifying the network security, battery life, power consumption, and other experiential content that operators value during the use of devices.

(4) Lab Testing: To ensure the compliance of equipment testing under the operator platform, standards will be more specific and targeted than ordinary regulatory and industry standards, only testing dedicated frequency bands.

  The applicability and requirements for device certification and testing may vary depending on the type of device and the requirements of the dish network. For more certification and testing details, please consult Deeplight Technology. We will provide high-quality services and different testing plans.

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