AT&T Certification

AT&T is a well-known telecommunications company in the United States that offers various communication services and solutions. AT&T provides certification services to ensure the compatibility and interoperability of devices and applications on its network.


AT&T FirstNet Testing and Certification Process

1、 Scope of use of AT&T FirstNet

    The full name of AT&T FirstNet is the First Responders Network, which is the only network built with and serving emergency and support personnel. It aims to meet the constantly changing communication needs through transformative mission critical solutions, in order to achieve modernization of public safety. FirstNet is now the first nationwide network with comprehensive tower to core network encryption based on open industry standards.
2、 What are the types of certification for AT&T Firstnet?

(1) FirstNet Capable;

(2) FirstNet ReadyTM;

(3) FirstNet Trusted;
3、 What users and industries does AT&T Firstnet target?

     Frontline emergency personnel (police, firefighting, emergency medical, first aid personnel), other personnel (healthcare, transportation, public services).
4、 Essential conditions for certification

(1) Radio (all require some level of interaction at the device chipset level)
① MOCN (Multiple Operator Core Network), a 3GPP feature that enables AT&T to broadcast the network in both AT&T and FirstNet formats simultaneously;
② Band14;
③ The priority function is to ensure that the most important users always have access to the network first;
④ The function of Preemption is to ensure that the most important public safety users can obtain traffic before commercial users;
⑤ High Priority Access Indication should indicate the HPA reason code when requesting an RRC connection;

(2) For module based devices, the modules used must meet the requirements of AT&T FirstNet;

(3) AT&T Firstnet has technical requirements and specific frequency band requirements, which can be obtained from the operator;
5、 The specific process of certification

A) Deeplight Technology assists customers in submitting an overview of product technical specifications to AT&T;

B) Conduct equipment testing, classified as FirstNet NR or FirstNet NO. FirstNet NR is the benchmark certification, and FirstNet NO includes all FirstNet NRs;

C) The testing content is divided into laboratory testing, on-site testing, security testing, and current network security testing;

D) To achieve MDM and OEM technically, it is necessary to confirm that the device can receive updates to all device software/firmware (operating system, application software, radio module firmware, etc.);

E) Review equipment maintenance. This is an ongoing process that includes maintaining software BOMs, tracking released security vulnerabilities, and ensuring regular upgrades of equipment and radio firmware to include the latest security patches, libraries, and application updates;

F) Issuance of certificates, including two types: AT&T Technical Acceptance Letter and FirstNet Technical Acceptance Letter;
     Deeplight Technology can complete the complete testing and certification of AT&T FirstNet. For more detailed certification and testing procedures, please feel free to contact us for communication.

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