How do wireless products enter the Japanese market?

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Wireless products entering Japan will encounter two important certifications:

First of all, the need to follow is the Japan radio method (Radio Law), its original registered certification body is TELEC (Telecom Engineering Center), has now authorized a number of agencies to approve the wireless equipment Japan radio method, and we are still commonly known as TELEC certification.

Second, if the wireless products access to the telecom network (such as mobile phones, etc.), in addition to meet the Japan‘s TELEC certification and testing requirements, also need to meet the Japanese JATE certification (Japan‘s telecommunications business law Telecommunications Business Law), originally authorized JATE as the only agency, now Japan has authorized several agencies to meet the requirements of the telecommunications business law qualified recognition, so still commonly known as JATE certification.

 That is to say, TELEC certification is to test whether the wireless meets the requirements of Japan‘s radio wave law, and JATE certification is to test whether it meets the requirements of Japan‘s telecommunications business law.
At present, it can be used in Japan: PHS, PDC, CDMA2000, WCDMA. Among them, PHS is a technology developed in Japan, and has been introduced in China, which is known as PHS. PDC is also a local technology developed in Japan, and it is currently mainly used in Japan. CDMA2000 and WCDMA are two of the familiar 3G technologies. Since there is not a GSM network in Japan, GSM standard mobile phones cannot be used in Japan.

The requirements for JATE authentication of mobile terminals are mainly protocol testing, which are as follows.
1. Basic functions
2. Calling functions
3. Transmission timing
4. Random access control
5. Time alignment control
6. Location registration control
7. Function for complying with channel switching indication
8. Functions for receiving level reports
9. Functions to comply with the direction to stop transmission
10. Function automatically to suspend transmission when the receiving level has become degraded
11. Function automatically to suspend transmission
12. Function to ensure important communication

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