Japanese METI filing process of PSE Certification

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METI, Japan
The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) released detailed information on the method, which was formulated by the Information Economy Division (Information Economy Division) of the department‘s Business Information Policy Bureau (Commerce and Information Policy Bureau). According to the report, METI calls the process a way to evaluate various use case projects, assessing 32 essential features, such as scalability, privacy, and overall reliability. Those involved in the formulation of the evaluation method say that the purpose is to objectively measure the blockchain projects!

Japan PSE certification product METI for filing
PSE certification is a mandatory safety certification in Japan to prove that electrical and electronic products have passed the Japan Electrical and Raw Material Safety Act (DENAN Law) or the International IEC standard. Japan‘s DENTORL law (Electrical Equipment and Material Control Law) stipulates that 498 products must pass the PSE safety certification when entering the Japanese market. Among them, 165 A products should obtain diamond PSE mark, and 333 B products should obtain circular PSE mark. The regulations require Japanese purchasers to register with METI within one month after the purchase of the product, and must mark the name or ID of the purchaser on the product, so as to supervise and manage the product sales process in the future.

Japan METI filing process
1, Notification of business, the understanding is the statement of the Japanese importer, including the manufacturer information, product information and signing date
2. The approval certificate issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, and the importer takes the PSE deputy certificate to METI to record the approval certificate.
3. Japanese purchasers must register with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) within one month after the purchase of the goods. Only if they have a Japanese business registered in Japan to apply for registration with METI.

Japan METI record importer qualification
There are two types of METI filing
1. Importer qualification
2. No importer qualification

Information required for METI filing in Japan
Product specification in English or Japanese
The application form (provided after customer confirmation)
Product specifications in English or Japanese
METI Guarantee statement (provided after customer confirmation)
Report of lPse and certificate

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