Apple MFI Certification

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Ask.1 What is the Apple MFI certification

Apple MFi certification (the abbreviation for Apple "Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad") is a logo license of Apple Inc. (Apple) for external accessories produced by its authorized accessories manufacturers.

And the authorized product is also through multiple tests before passing the certification license, no matter how the product design, product quality, product compatibility with MFi Apple certification of accessories than other accessories without certification in the quality assurance can provide consumers with a more credible guarantee. The ability to apply for and successfully obtain the MFi authorization has also become a sign of Apple accessories manufacturers and design companies in their technology and quality strength.

The prominent logo of the certified products on the market is that Apple MFi authorized logo appears on the front of the package with the following picture in black and white background. Apple allows authorized manufacturers to print authorization labels on product packaging. These logo designed by Apple have very strict regulations in use, extremely stringent requirements, and low certification pass rate, in order to maintain the product life cycle and ensure brand image. Apple requires authorized accessories to ensure that their quality and taste are consistent with their own.

Ask.2 Use accessories under MFI certification

People who know Apple devices know that non-certified Apple accessories will pop up a warning after connection, and even directly converted to flight mode, indicating that non-certified accessories can not be combined with Apple products, and will affect the normal use of Apple products. If the use does not jump out of any prompt, to achieve seamless connection, normal playing songs, normal transmission of data, synchronous data, is the certification product.
Apple has clear and mandatory requirements for all authorized dealers. For Apple‘s functional accessories, it must sell certified and authorized brand accessories, otherwise the products without authorized accessories will damage Apple products, and Apple will not provide any warranty.

Ask. 3 MFI Certified product range

lightning Connector, authentication chip, headset wire control, LAM module, iWatch wireless charging module...
MFi certified technology (product list) MFi Certification Technology (products as examples)

1. Lightning and 30-pin connectors (Apple data cable, car charging, travel charging, mobile power supply, back clip power supply, wireless charging, expanded memory, etc.);

2. HomeKit accessory Protocol (HAP) (smart home);

3. Authentication coprocessors (used for products that require identification, such as navigation, printer, Bluetooth headset, etc.);

4. iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP), the protocol used to communicate with iPhone, iPad and iPod (devices using iAP protocol with iPhone, iPad and iPod, navigation, printer, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth watch, medical monitoring products, etc.);

5, AirPlay audio technology (smart speakers and other audio products);

6. Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC) feature (wireless intelligent product);

7. Headphone Remote and Mic feature (headphones and microphone);

8. Lightning CommunicationModuleLAM (audio headphones);

9. CarPlay technology (automotive navigation products);

10. MFi Game Controller technology (MFi game controller);

11, MFi Hearing Aid technology (hearing aid).

Ask.4 What are the benefits of Ask.4 for MFI certification?

1. An important way for enterprises to enhance their brand image and product value is also the primary condition for foreign buyers and retailers to choose suppliers.

2. In today‘s fierce competition, MFi certification is the only opportunity for 3C accessories enterprises to upgrade products and increase profits; and all traditional electronic enterprises to enter the field of intelligent products;

3. MFi certified enterprises are also members of Apple Company, who have the qualification to buy Apple accessories (lightning, headset wire control, wireless intelligent IC, etc.) from the agent of Apple Company, and can use MFi LOGO on the certified products;

Ask.5 Process for applying for MFI certification

1. Submit the application materials to Apple, including the company‘s introduction, business scope, business status, floor area, number of employees, etc. Apple will review the data to determine whether the enterprise has the basic application conditions, and give the corresponding score.

2. MFi system audit, also known as factory inspection or factory audit, Apple appoints a third party (Deloitte accounting firm) to the factory for on-site review. The latest requirement is that the enterprise must be using, the main update content is about the ERP system requirements.

3. Product PPID submission. The company submits a product plan as required and approves it.

4. Product testing, product submission to the Apple lab for testing.

5. Upload the product packaging for packaging certification to the Apple background system for review.

6. Product APP test and evaluation.

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