Japan TELEC/JATE certification

The "Wireless Telegraphy Act" requires model approval for specified radio equipment. Certification is mandatory, and the certification bodies are registered certification organizations recognized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) within the scope of designated radio equipment. TELEC (Telecom Engineering Center) is the primary registered certification organization for radio equipment conformity certification in Japan.


Japan ELP Certification for Micropower Products

Wireless charging products are becoming increasingly popular. What certification is required for exporting wireless charging products to Japan?

    Japan Telecom Certification? Japan MIC certification? JATE certification in Japan? Japan PSE certification?

    We need to consider it all! You also need to consider another certification called Japan ELP!

    Is it just a wireless charging product? no, it isn‘t!

    All products that can emit electromagnetic wave signals and cover a certain frequency below 3 THz, except for specific wireless devices, need to consider applying for Japan ELP certification in accordance with Japanese regulations. Deep Light Standard Technology has completed Japan ELP certification for multiple enterprises, covering wireless charging products, vehicle wireless devices, and other equipment.

    What are specific wireless devices? Bluetooth, WIFI, zigbee, wireless microphone, UWB ultra wideband products, 2G3G4G5GNB-IOTCAT M and other products.

    In the final report of the "Radio Policy Vision Roundtable" prepared by Japan in December 2014, although the output of radio waves exceeds the standard for weak wireless devices, it is sold under the name of weak wireless devices and their wireless devices, increasing in the event of interference and interference. When users purchase weak wireless devices, it is easy to determine whether the wireless devices meet the technical standards for weak wireless devices stipulated in the Radio Electricity Law. So Japan established a mechanism (represented by "weak fit markers").

    The standard values of weak wireless devices are shown in the following figure, which are the levels indicated by the field strength at a distance of 3 meters from the wireless device.

Under the registration and certification requirements, fair testing will be conducted. If the technical standards for weak wireless devices are met, the "weak wireless compatibility mark (Japan ELP certification)" will be displayed, with the following marks:

    The registration process for Micropower Japan ELP certification is as follows:

    If it belongs to the specific wireless devices mentioned above, simply apply for Japanese Radio Wave Law certification. If it does not belong to the specific wireless devices, it is necessary to apply for ELP certification. Welcome to inquire about Deeplight standard technology, we can complete a series of Japanese related certifications for you.