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Deeplight LoRa WAN certification

1. Introduction to LoRa Wan certification

As a new communication method for the Internet of Things, LoRa is an ideal network configuration with the advantages of low power consumption and large-scale coverage. Since it is a communication method, there must be interoperability requirements between data terminals and base stations (gateways). Therefore, the LoRa Alliance requires that LoRa devices must meet the LoRaWAN protocol specification requirements.

2. LoRa wan certification regional test:

(1) The certification requirements for terminal equipment in 863-870 MHz region of EU.

(2) The certification requirements for USA + Canada 902-928 MHz regional terminal equipment.

(3) The certification requirements for terminal equipment in Asia 923 MHz region, LoRAS923 requirements are for products working between 915 and 928 MHz.

Some Asian countries still have ISM bands in this range. As a result, LoRa technology has been more and more widely used in Asia.
(4) The certification requirements for 920-923 MHz in South Korea.

3.LoRa Alliance Member Level
The membership fee is 12 months and can be renewed on the anniversary of the membership contract.

(1) Adopter Membership 3,000 USD1 year

(2) Contributor Membership 20,000 USD1 year

(3) Sponsor Membership 50,000 USD1 year

(4) Free for Institutional Membership

Institutional membership application requirements are: approval by the board of directors, non-profit organizations, institutions of higher learning or university institutions, etc., institutional members must be reviewed once a year.

Different members have different permissions, such as whether they can have board seats, whether they can participate in board voting, whether they can obtain alliance operation data, whether they can obtain alliance news documents, and so on.

It is the same in terms of whether it can be tested and certified and the LoRa Alliance logo can be used.

This is an introduction to the LoRa WAN Alliance certification, welcome to contact Deeplight for LoRa WAN Alliance certification service, we look forward to your contact.

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