5G RF Testing

5G RF testing is the process of evaluating and verifying the Radio Frequency (RF) technology used in 5G networks. These tests aim to ensure the RF performance, transmission quality, and signal stability of 5G devices in different environments and usage scenarios.

Testing service

30GHz-300GHz millimeter wave RF/OTA/PD test

1. Introduction of millimeter wave

  Millimeter wave (mmwave) refers to electromagnetic waves with wavelengths between super high frequency (SHF) and high frequency (EHF). The wavelength range of millimeter waves is approximately between 1 and 10 millimeters, and the corresponding frequency range is 30 to 300 GHz. Mainly used in weather radar, space communication, radio astronomy and so on.

2. Common millimeter wave products

A wireless communication

a 5G NR FR2: 24.25-52.6 GHz

b V-Band broadband communication
B Transportation system

a car radar

b traffic surveillance camera
C Aerospace Defense

a Ka-band satellite

b millimeter wave guidance
3. The main test categories of millimeter wave testing

(1) Millimeter wave SRRC/CE/FCC RF test

(2) Millimeter wave OTA test

(3) Millimeter wave PD test
4. Millimeter wave SRRC/CE/FCC RF test
RF standards related to mmWave radar in major countries/regions:

Test items:

(1) Transmission power

(2) Power spectral density

(3) The transmitter unintentionally transmits

(4) Receiver spurious emissions

(5) Receiver blocking characteristics
5. Millimeter wave OTA test

The main products are: Antenna
Test standards are: • ANSI/IEEE Std 149-1979
      - IEEE Standard Test Procedures for antennas

Test items:

(1) Passive test

1. Gain

2. Efficiency

3. 2D/3D direction map

4. Cross polarization

5. Lobe width

6. Beam pointing

7. Front to back ratio

8. Axial ratio

(2) Active test

Test for the whole machine
6. Millimeter wave PD test

Applicable Products:

The frequency range is 10~110GHz, and the use distance is less than or equal to 20cm. For example: mobile phones, tablet computers, wearable devices, etc., the FCC of the United States and the RED of the European Union have set the millimeter wave PD standard.

Test items:

Power Density

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