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About China CTA/NAL network access test/test cases/test time

What is China CTA Certification?
China implements a network access licensing system for the telecommunications terminal equipment, radio communication equipment and telecommunications equipment involved in inter network exchange used to access the public telecommunications network. Telecommunications equipment must obtain a network access license; without a network access license, it shall not be connected to the public telecommunications network for use or sold domestically.
Telecom equipment network access certification
Network access license, is China implements a network access license system for the telecommunications terminal equipment, radio communication equipment and telecommunications equipment involved in the interconnection between networks used to access the public telecommunications network. The telecommunications equipment that implements the network access license system must obtain the network access license issued by the Ministry of Information Industry; without the network access license, it shall not be connected to the public telecommunication network for use or sold domestically. The network access license certificate includes the certificate number, applicant unit, manufacturer, equipment name, equipment model, origin, remarks, certificate issuance date, and certificate limited date. The network access license is generally valid for 3 years.
CTA certification process
Application for Radio Regulatory Commission Model Approval/SRRC
Period: 15 days
Item: Function (the provided machine functions well and the appearance is the same as the prototype)
Prototypes: 3 complete prototypes, 6 RF sprototypes
Data: ① 1 copy of technical indicators;
② 2 copies of color photos (requires the model number of the model, the model number of the identity bar is clear and complete);
③ 1 copy of Radio Regulatory Commission network access application form;
④ 3 copies of the application form for the approval of the radio transmitting equipment model.

The prototypes of the Radio Regulatory Commission approval certificate needs to be provided as soon as possible.
Testing agency: China Wireless Testing Center;
Testing purpose: After the radio testing center has passed the test, it will obtain the type approval certificate of radio transmission equipment;
Testing period: about 5 weeks;
Test items: frequency band GSM900, DCS1800 radio frequency performance, conducted stray emission, radiation stray;
Test basis: YD1214-2006, YD1215-2006, YD1032-2000.
Test content:

⑴ RMS phase error;

⑵ Frequency tolerance;

⑶ Power control;

⑷ RF output modulation spectrum;

⑸ Conducted stray emissions;

⑹ peak phase error;

⑺ maximum average power;

⑻ Burst time power relationship;

⑼ Radio frequency output switching spectrum;

⑽ Static reference sensitivity;

⑾ Radiated spurious emissions.
Test prototypes: 6 units (with battery and charger);
Test accessories: 2 dummy batteries; 1 RF test cable (need to mark the attenuation compensation value);
Test materials: ① 1 copy of the application form for the approval of the radio transmission equipment model; ② 1 copy of the technical declaration confirmation form for the prototypes submitted for inspection; ③ 1 copy of the GSM mobile station battery declaration form; ④ 3 copies of technical manuals (with color photos) ⑤ 3 copies of user manuals;
Remarks: During the Radio Regulatory Commission test of the modified machine, 3 copies of the technical manual and color photos of the modified machine and the prototype machine should be provided; the Radio Regulatory Commission prototype needs to be tested for radio frequency stray.
Live network (simulated network) test
Testing agency: Beijing Transmission Research Institute
Testing purpose: To test the compatibility and communication effect between the mobile phone and the base stations of various manufacturers;
Testing period: 15 working days;
Test item: Trial;
Test basis: MTNeTGF038;
(1) Location update test; (2) Telecom service test; (3) Compatibility (handover) test with base stations of different manufacturers; (4) Compatibility with different mobile communication operators; (5) Communication effect test in urban areas, suburbs and outer suburbs;⑹ Communication effect test in the area with or without dual frequency coverage; ⑺ Communication effect test in fixed, low-speed mobile and high-speed mobile;⑻ Communication effect test for long-term calls while on the move;⑼ GPRS business test (MTNET).
Test prototypes: 2 units (with batteries and chargers);
Prototype requirements: business and functions are normal, long-term communication effect is normal
Test data: ① 1 copy of equipment inspection confirmation; ② 1 copy of technical manual (with color photos); ③ 1 copy of user manual;
Remarks: ①The test prototype of the current network should be sent to the Beijing Transmission Research Institute for testing 10 days in advance; ②The modified machine will not be tested on the current network.
Certification Center Approval
Testing agency: Telecommunications Equipment Certification Center of the Ministry of Information Industry
Testing purpose: randomly select a prototype for review, issue a telecommunications equipment network access inspection notice after meeting the network access conditions, and notify the inspection agency to go to the certification center to receive the prototype and the inspection notice.
Detection period: 2 days
Prototype requirements:
① All 12 prototype should meet the requirements of EMC;

② There is one prototype with complete packaging: mobile phone, charger, battery, data cable, earphone, instruction manual, certificate of conformity, warranty card, after-sales service information, driver (if any), etc.

③ Each prototype should have: charger, battery, certificate, IMEI sticker
Test items: prototype packaging, basic function test, photographing and retaining prototypes, prototypeinspection and acceptance.
Test prototype: 12 mobile phones, with batteries and chargers, one of which has a complete package.
Test data: ① 1 copy of application form for telecommunication equipment network access license; ② description of characters and patterns that appear on the mobile phone, including characters and patterns that appear when the machine is turned on and off;③ 1 copy of the color photo of the mobile phone.
EMC Lab Test Items

Testing agency: Communication Measurement Center.

Test purpose: to check whether the electromagnetic compatibility of the prototype meets the national and industry standards, and issue a test report.

Testing period: 15 working days (7 working days for the modified machine).

Testing items: EMC (disturbance test, immunity test), SAR (specific absorption rate), safety performance test.

Test basis: EMC: YD 1032-2000

Safety performance: GB 4943-2001

SAR: Measurement method for electromagnetic radiation of wireless communication terminals.
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