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TADA is one of the many protocols in Google GMS certification, Google for different products, launched different protocols, in addition to TADA protocol, there are MADA protocol, EDLA protocol, GAS protocol, different protocols for different products.

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Google Android TV TADA protocol TV certification service

1.What is Google‘s TADA Protocol, and How Does It Relate to Android TV Certification?

TADA is one of the protocols within Google‘s GMS certification.  Google has introduced various protocols for different products, including TADA, MADA, EDLA, and GAS protocols.  Each protocol is designed for specific types of products.

Devices using the Android system require Google‘s GMS certification to use various Google applications such as the Google Store, Maps, Search, YouTube, etc.  To achieve GMS certification, relevant protocols, including TADA, must be in place before applying to Google.  Without these protocols, certification cannot be obtained.

Therefore, for Android TV to be certified by Google, it first needs the TADA protocol.  After Google approval, various documents, such as the GTVS package for TV products, are submitted to complete the certification application.

2.Android TV Certification Process

(1)Sign a business cooperation contract.

(2)Fill out the certification application, sign NDA and ACC agreements upon receiving Google‘s email.

(3)Apply for whitelist and request the GTVS package.

(4)Provide a prototype with integrated software for testing.

(5)Pass the tests, upload the report, and await Google‘s approval to complete the certification.

3.Differences Between Android TV and Android AOSP

Compared to AOSP, Android TV offers the following features:

(1)Leanback Launcher (TV desktop)

(2)Google Services (Google applications such as Google Play, YouTube, Play Movie & TV, Play Games, etc.)

(3)Search and Assistant

(4)Google Cast (audio-video protocol)


4.What‘s the difference between the Android TV certification test and Google‘s other GMS tests? What is the difference between TADA protocol and MADA protocol and EDLA protocol test?

The majority of test content is similar among them, but Android TV adds a seventh point:

(1)CTS (Compatibility Test Suite)

(2)GTS (Google Mobile Services Test Suite)

(3)CTS-ON-GSI (Compatibility Test Suite on Generic System Image)

(4)VTS (Vendor Test Suite)

(5)STS (Security Patch Test Suite)

(6)CTS-V (similar to the first, requires manual testing)

(7)TVTS (a TV-specific module within TVTS, testing system robustness/system health, mainly through katniss, Google Voice Assistant, for tasks like weather search, launching YouTube, etc.)

5.Android TV Certification Timeline, Google TADA Certification Period

(1)Apply for Google approval, 1-2 weeks.

(2)Complete pre-testing of all test items, approximately 1-2 weeks.

(3)Begin bug resolution, depending on the software capabilities of the certification applicant, generally one to two months.

(4)After passing pre-testing, submit to 3PL testing.  Once 3PL testing is successful, submit the report for Google approval, taking approximately 3 weeks in total.

Feel free to inquire about our Google Android TV TADA protocol certification services.  We also provide assistance in completing certification tests for other Google protocols such as MADA, EDLA, etc.

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