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Japan metrology ‘Positive‘ Mark certification

Time:2022-06-13 Views:930
What is a home-specific measuring instrument?

Household special measuring instrument is a kind of non-automatic scale, which is mainly used in the daily life of ordinary consumers, and the scale is 10 mg or greater, and the scale is 100 or greater, which meets the following conditions:

General scale
A non-automatic scale, weighing more than 20 kg and weighing less than 200 kg, specifically used for weighing.

Infant scale
A non-automatic scale with a weighing capacity of 20 kg or less, specifically for weighing infants.

A non-automatic weighing capacity of 3 kg or less that specifically weighs the quality of food during cooking.
Note 1) Scale: the minimum number of digits displayed on the measuring instrument. The scale is 1 g when the minimum digits is shown as 0,1,2,3, and 4... 9 g.
Note 2) Number of scale markers: the value obtained by dividing the weighing capacity by the scale ruler.
Note 3) Non-automatic scale: weighing scale in static state rather than continuous automatic scale.
Note 4) weighing capacity: the maximum mass that can be measured.

In the outline of household special measuring instruments, there are provisions for each household special measuring instruments.

1. According to the surveying Law of the Ministry of economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, manufacturers or importers have the following obligations when importing household measuring instruments.
When importing and selling a designated measuring instrument, it must comply with Japanese technical standards and show that it conforms to technical standards, and when it is sold through it, it must be displayed (called positive mark circle mark).
Positive mark: this is the following display, which must be displayed above 8 mm in diameter and easy to see.

2. To all dealers to sell specific home measuring instruments
Under the Measurement Act, the distributor has the following obligations.
When selling designated household measuring instruments, they cannot be sold or sold unless there is a note (so-called positive mark) indicating that it meets technical standards.
Note: positive mark: as shown below, it must be displayed above the diameter 8mm and where the product can be easily seen.
In manufacturing specific home measuring instruments

3. Notice about manufacturing
In manufacturing specific household measuring instruments, it is necessary to notify the relevant places by having jurisdiction over the location of the main plant or place of business.
When manufacturing a designated household measuring instrument, it must meet the technical standards, and show on the display that it has met the technical standards (the so-called positive mark), and must be completed.

4. About the investigation of trial purchase
Economy, trade and industry since 2013 has been a trial order for investigation (purchased from the market random and confirm that conform to the technical standard).
As a result of the investigation, has confirmed suspected unqualified specific household measuring instrument.
If it is found that the importer or manufacturer violates the obligation to abide by the technical standards will be restricted because of measurement laws.
In addition, if the seller did not formally display is mark, will be punished.
We require that all operators to comply with the law.

We provide correct for suspected unqualified enterprises improve guide, report to correct/improve the main projects are as follows.
(1) Performance is very important

The porters or manufacturer do not understand the technical standards.

Specifications (capacity, scale) that are difficult to ensure quality are set.

Performance declines as it is stored as a long-term inventory item.

It cannot be adequately handled as a precision instrument when transported from overseas to Japan or Japan. Alternatively, due to insufficient attention to the carrier, the performance is reduced due to impact, etc.

It manages its own tool errors (more than three times larger), which is different from established technical standards.

The error of the inspection tool from the manufacturer to the importer shall be managed based on one half of the accuracy, but shall be managed due to lack of understanding or misunderstanding of the technical standards.

Tolerance of the instrument error.

Before the import begins, it has been confirmed that the technical standards are met, but whether it is not enough to meet the requirements after the actual import begins.

(2) Items and instructions to be displayed on products / individual boxes

Lack of understanding and recognition of technical standards caused no necessary labeling.

Positive mark mark cannot be identified, not shown or undersized.

The importer correctly placed the order to the manufacturer but the inspection or the importer accepts the order is insufficient.

Product, the contents shown in the individual box and instruction manual do not match.

Shows the name of the seller, not the actual importer. Alternatively, the name of the service operator that is not displayed.

It is not accepted that pounds (lb) or stones (St) used as non-legal units of measurement should not be shown.

It was modified so that the switch-to-L function cannot be used, but the description is shown in the instruction manual.

Int the manufacturer not to use this function to switch to illegal U, but confirmed inadequate and not performed.

Since imported products are sold as is, they are all displayed in foreign languages or not labeled as necessary.

The above is the introduction of Deeplight to the positive mark certification of specific meters for household use in Japan. If you need this certification, please contact us.