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Chinese test standard for Chinese satellite navigation and positioning products

Satellite positioning and navigation products play an important role in national production and business activities. With the successful networking of Beidou satellite in China, the application of satellite positioning and navigation will go deeper into people‘s lives.


Deeplight carries out the testing of satellite navigation and positioning products such as GPS Beidou dual mode, assists various satellite-assisted positioning mobile terminals in testing and certification projects, and can carry out common tests of satellite navigation products: first capture time, receiver sensitivity, out-of-lock recapture time, suppression and self-interference, positioning accuracy, positioning speed, position report, communication query, transmission frequency, etc.     


The test covers all aspects, including national standard, Ministry of Transport standard, group standard, local standard, etc.


Common test items and standards of products are as follows:


1) Satellite receiver (navigation type)

Test standard: General Specification for GPS Navigation Receiving EquipmentSJ/T 11420-2010


Test contents: composition, structural requirements, positioning accuracy, speed accuracy, first positioning time, re-extraction time, sensitivity, channel number of receiving equipment, position update rate, I/O interface, fault alarm and status indication, navigation function, self-test function, power consumption, power supply, safety, reliability, maintainability and electromagnetic compatibility.


2) Satellite positioning personal location information terminal

Standard: Satellite Positioning Personal Location Information Service System Part 4: General Specification for TerminalsGB/T 29841. 4-2013


Test content: composition, general requirements, functional requirements, positioning accuracy, efficiency, wireless performance index, electromagnetic compatibility, security, information security, interface, power supply and environmental adaptability.


3) Satellite receiver (measuring type, geodesic type)


1. Test standard: Verification Regulation of GPS Measuring ReceiverCH 8016-95


Test contents: receiver system inspection, receiver power-on test, internal noise level test, receiver antenna phase center stability test, receiver field performance test and different range accuracy indexes test, receiver frequency standard stability test and data quality evaluation, receiver high and low temperature performance test, data post-processing software acceptance and test.


2. Test standard: Calibration Specification for Global Positioning System (GPS) Receivers (Geodetic and Navigation)JJF 1118-2004


Test contents: appearance and component interaction, data post-processing software and functions, antenna phase center consistency of geodetic GPS receiver, test error of geodetic GPS receiver, positioning error of navigation GPS receiver.


4) Satellite receiver (DF type)

Test standard: General Specification for GPS Direction Finding Receiving EquipmentSJ/T 11422-2010


Test contents: composition, basic requirements of equipment, functional requirements, receiving sensitivity, first positioning time, positioning accuracy, speed measurement accuracy, direction finding accuracy, power adaptability, environmental adaptability, electromagnetic compatibility, safety, reliability and maintainability.


5) Satellite positioning vehicle traveling data recorder


1. Test standard: Vehicle Driving RecorderGB/T 19056-2012


Test contents: general requirements, electrical components, adaptability of power supply voltage, resistance to reverse connection of power supply pole, resistance to over-voltage of power supply, power-off protection, self-inspection function, driving speed record, accident suspect record, overtime driving record, position information record, driver‘s identity record, mileage record, installation parameter record, destination record, data communication function, safety warning function, display function, printout function and positioning function. Recording error, mileage recording error, positioning performance, data analysis software, data security, high temperature test, high temperature test, low temperature test, low temperature test, constant humidity test, vibration test, impact test, shell protection level, anti-electric ignition interference of automobile, electrostatic discharge immunity and transient immunity.


2. Test standard: General Technical Specification for Satellite Positioning Vehicle Driving Recorder DB44/T 578-2009


Test contents: general requirements, positioning monitoring function, equipment self-check, real-time clock, collection, recording and storage of date and driving time, measurement, recording and storage of vehicle driving speed, driver identification recording function, printing information output function, display and operation function, data input and output function, fatigue driving reminder, information service function, voice call function, emergency alarm, setup and maintenance function, overall performance requirements, satellite positioning module, Wireless communication module, electrical components, interface requirements, electrical performance, power consumption, setting of vehicle speed transmission coefficient, data communication protocol, information security, adaptability to climate and environment, adaptability to mechanical environment, protection level of enclosure, resistance to electric ignition interference of automobiles, electromagnetic compatibility, and surface corrosion resistance.


3. Test standard: Satellite positioning vehicle traveling data recorder JJG (Guangdong) 013-2009


Test contents: positioning time, system positioning error, speed recording error, mileage recording error , clock error and appearance, interaction of parts


                (6) Road transport vehicle satellite positioning terminal


1. Test standard: Technical Requirements for Vehicle Terminal of Satellite Positioning System for Road Transport VehiclesJT/T 794-2011


2. Test standard: Technical Specification for Beidou Compatible Vehicle Terminal of Satellite Positioning System for Road Transport Vehicles


Test contents: general requirements, enclosure protection, self-inspection, positioning, communication, information collection, driving record, monitoring, call, dormancy, warning, terminal management, man-machine interaction, information service, call service, multi-center access, overall performance, satellite positioning module, wireless communication block, electrical performance, environmental adaptability, electromagnetic compatibility, and anti-vehicle ignition interference.


3. On board terminal for safety monitoring of hazardous chemicals transportation AQ 3004-2005


Test content: integration, positioning, communication components, electrical components, interfaces, electrical appliances, electromagnetic compatibility requirements, firmware design, basic and extended, and environmental requirements. 


7) On board satellite navigation equipment


Standard: General Specification for Vehicle-borne Satellite Navigation EquipmentGB/T 19392-2013


Test content: general requirements, positioning accuracy, location update rate, startup time, efficiency, function, power supply and power consumption, interface, environmental adaptability, safety, reliability, electromagnetic compatibility.


8) Receiver OEM board 

Test standard: Performance Requirements and Test Methods of OEM Board of GPS Receiver

SJ/T 11428-2010

Test contents: self-test and data retention function, channel number and tracking capability, receiving sensitivity, single-point positioning accuracy, differential positioning accuracy, observation accuracy, speed accuracy, first positioning time, recapture time, dynamic performance, data output information, interface, protection, power supply, power consumption, size and weight, environmental adaptability.

9) On board information terminal for public transport dispatching


Standard: Vehicle Information Terminal for Urban Public Transport DispatchingGB/T 26766-2011


Test contents: general requirements, electrical components, electrical performance requirements, basic functional requirements, electromagnetic compatibility requirements, climatic and environmental adaptability, mechanical environmental adaptability, shell protection level and reliability requirements.


Customers are welcome to consult Deeplight on the testing and certification of satellite navigation and positioning products. We will provide professional, reliable and accurate testing services for satellite navigation and positioning products.

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