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EU 2019/320 Regulation Background Requirements and Test Subject and Test Content

1. The background of EU 2019/320 regulation
Regulation (EU)2019/320, which will come into force on March 17, 2022, will allow radio equipment to provide emergency assistance based on the user‘s location in the event of an emergency call to a public safety agency. At this time, it is particularly important for rescue agencies to accurately obtain the location of the target, and to carry out effective rescue.

The EC conducted two phases of the study, and one of the key findings during the pilot phase was that Advanced Mobile Location (AML) significantly improved location accuracy, reducing location accuracy from a few kilometers to a few meters in radius.
2. What is the main body of EU 2019/320 test certification?
In the above authorization act, a radio device is defined as a handheld mobile device, a mobile phone capable of storing and processing data, commonly called a smartphone. The act stipulates that mobile device manufacturers support technical solutions for WIFI data reception and processing.

A GPS receiver that is part of a smartphone should be able to receive and process a single GNSS signal in the L1/E1 band from at least two global navigation satellite systems, one of which is Galileo.
3. What items will EU 2019/320 test?
Compliance testing related to Galileo compatibility requirements.
Test setup
3.1 NMEA OUTPUT TEST, in this test, combined with A-GNSS assistance data allows the test, the smartphone should expose and record the output of the navigation solution in NMEA-0183 protocol format. An effective location solution must use one or more Galileo satellites.
3.2 Time to First Fix Test (TTFF)

The ability for smartphone manufacturers to obtain the first fix from any processed GNSS signal, reducing the signal level to a negative 130dBm in up to 60 seconds.
(1) Horizontal accuracy test

(2) Evaluation of positioning accuracy

(3) Galileo Open Service

(4) Additional Galilean observations are exposures
 3.3 Specifications related to wireless local area networks for positioning

(1) Compatibility of wireless LAN

(2) The first repair time of the wireless LAN

(3) Positioning accuracy test of wireless local area network
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