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What do you need to know before obtaining the China Environmental Label certification and what should I pay attention to in the first application?

In order to implement the sustainable development strategy, promote production and consumption that is beneficial to environmental protection, and meet the needs of green trade and market economic development, the The State Environmental Protection Administration has established China‘s Environmental Labeling system and organized to promote its development.
China Certification Committee for Environmental Labelling Products (CCCEL) is China Environmental Labeling product certification body. CCCEL is composed of representatives from 11 ministries and commissions, including The State Environmental Protection Administration and State General Administration of the People‘s Republic of China for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine. CCCEL has a secretariat as its office. CCCEL and its secretariat are managed by The State Environmental Protection Administration. The China ‘Environmental Label‘ logo was published by The State Environmental Protection Administration in August 1993.
Catalogue of China‘s Environmental Label certification products based on standards

1)Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Small Household Appliances (HJ 1159—2021)

2)Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Household Dishwashers (HJ 2549-2018)

3)Technical requirements for environmental labeling products Digital copying (including multi-function) equipment (HJ 424-2017)

4)Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Microcomputers and Displays (HJ 2536-2014)

5)Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Batteries (HJ 2534-2013)

6)Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Scanners (HJ 2517-2012)

7)Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Projectors (HJ 2516-2012)

8)Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Web Server (HJ 2507-2011)

9)Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Mobile Hard Disk (HJ 2505-2011)
. . . . . .

The China Environmental Label is proposed by The State Environmental Protection Administration and registered with China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). Its logo and the words "China Environmental Label" are protected by law. Without the authorization of The State Environmental Protection Administration, no organization or individual may use the Chinese Environmental Label logo and the words "China Environmental Label".
What are the procedures for the initial application:
1. The enterprise submits the completed ‘Environmental Labeling Product Certification Application Form‘ together with the relevant materials in the certification requirements to Deeplight. We will conduct a preliminary review of the documents, and issue a ‘Notice of Acceptance‘ after meeting the requirements. Enterprises applying for certification will sign contracts according to the ‘Notice of Acceptance‘.
2. After the certification center receives all the certification fees from the enterprise, it will issue a notice to the enterprise to form an on-site inspection team. One week before the on-site inspection, the composition of the inspection team and the inspection plan will be formally reported to the enterprise for confirmation.
3. On-site inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the guidelines for safeguard measures for environmental labeling products and the corresponding technical requirements for environmental labeling product certification.
4. The inspection team will write a comprehensive evaluation report on environmental labeling products and submit it to the technical committee for review.
5. After receiving the review opinions of the technical committee, the certification center will summarize the review opinions and report to the certification center for approval.
6. The certification center will issue the environmental label certification certificate to the certified enterprises.
7. If a certified enterprise needs a logo, it can order it from the certification center; if there are special printing requirements, it should file an application with the certification center.
8. Annual surveillance audit once a year
Deeplight, with a group of strong technical experts and research teams, has obtained China‘s environmental label for international leading companies, and we can design the most optimized certification scheme for your products. The above is Deeplight introduction to China‘s environmental labeling. If you have certification requirements in this regard, please feel free to contact us for consultation!

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