5G RF Testing

5G RF testing is the process of evaluating and verifying the Radio Frequency (RF) technology used in 5G networks. These tests aim to ensure the RF performance, transmission quality, and signal stability of 5G devices in different environments and usage scenarios.

Testing service

Deeplight| 3G/4G/NB-IOT/CAT M5G/SA/NSA real base station live network test service

Testing based on test equipment and base station simulator can‘t meet the requirements of actual real network testing and verification? Want to mix all kinds of 4G5G NSA-SA bands in the mainstream operators around the world for network configuration?

OK, Deeplight can meet the requirements, and can provide the real mobile communication base station with the frequency bands to be verified+the base station configuration+the software version actually used by global operators, so as to test and verify for terminal equipment. 

. What service can we provide for you:

(1) Outputting the base station signal test based on the real network can speed up the development of new equipment or applications.

(2) Verifying by connecting to the real network environment can ensure the user experience after the product launch.

(3) Global connection certification service can help enterprises to realize transnational product release and sales.

(4) It can reproduce the problems found in the field test.

(5) Test in advance based on the latest features and new services of 5G network, paving the way for the future business development of enterprises.

(6) Verify the interoperability of different mainstream operatornetwork environments around the world.

(7) Provide fully configurable wireless equipment, including base station configuration software used by the latest operators, frequency band collocation, etc.

(8) The latest network features and services can be provided before the official commercial use.

(9) Build private and exclusive mobile real base station live network for customers to test and verify.


2. Provide real base station signal test verification for 4G5G SA terminals: