Verizon Certification

Verizon is a renowned telecommunications company based in New York City, USA. As one of the largest mobile communication operators in the United States, Verizon offers a wide range of communication services and solutions, including mobile communication, landline telephone, internet, and data services, among others.


Deeplight Technology | North American Verizon Operator Certification Introduction

Wireless products have passed regulatory certification such as FCC ID TELECIC ID, etc.;
Alliance technical certification such as WIFI alliance certification Bluetooth BQB certification, etc.;
Industry organization certification such as PTCRB certification, GCF certification, etc.;
Finally, some certifications are operator certifications, such as AT&T certification, T-mobile certification, Verizon certification and other certifications.

Verizon certification requirements, in the following steps:
(1) Information requirements:
-company information
-Product Image
-Instruction Manual
-Product reference book
-FCC ID organizational certification and other certificates
(2) Equipment requirements
-Equipment Technical Specifications
- The hardware and software version of the device
- Fill in technical specification requirements
-Complete locking of the device
(3) Test process

Submit documents - Verizon - Submit samples (according to custom TECC) - Test house - Approve test results.
During the testing period, outstanding items will be finalized and a final report will be sent internally to Verizon for final confirmation that the device functions according to Verizon‘s access standards.
(4) listing
Make sure there are no test items left, upon completion you will receive a certification letter and be able to run the device on the Verizon Wireless network.
Finally give the unique device identifier to Verizon.
Welcome to consult Deeplight Technology about the certification of some operators in North America. We can assist customers in one-stop completion from regulatory certification to alliance certification, organizational certification, and operator certification.

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