What is the application process for GCF certification?

Time:2020-03-04 Views:675
1. Brief description:

1)The customer shall fill in the application form and send it to: gcf@globalcertificationforum.org in the company email address

2) GCF sends invoice to customer for customer payment (manufacturer‘s annual fee EUR 11,000)

3) After receiving the annual fee, GCF will send an email to all GCF members. If no objection arises within 7 days, they will approve the application and open the GCF website login account.

4) The general process is as follows:

ACE: a capacity assessment agency. RTO: accredited testing institution. CM: certification manager.

2. Use another chart to show things like:

3. Many customers ask, will they not use the network of European operators without GCF certification?

The answer is: no! But the drop rate will increase by about 20%.

For GCF certification, please contact Deeplight. We are familiar with the changes in certification testing requirements and certification policy changes, for you to avoid all worries.