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How to restore the suspension of CCC certificate and what if CCC certificate is not examined annually?

Because CCC certification has not been subject to annual supervision and examination, or the CCC certification of the enterprise has been suspended after the annual examination time, how should it be restored?
First, fill in the recovery application form and put forward the recovery application;
Prepare for the factory audit (such as the confirmation inspection report of key components, the calibration of instruments, relevant quality system documents, etc.);
Accept the on-site factory inspection and pass the factory inspection, and the CCC certificate will become valid.
CCC Suspension Recovery Process:

1. The holder shall apply to the local sub-center for restoration within the time limit specified in the suspension notice.

2. Required materials: Generally, a copy of the suspension notice is required. To restore the original application form, the official seal of the certificate applicant is required.
For the following 1, 2, and 3 suspension situations, it is necessary to make a practical analysis on the causes of nonconformities, take practical corrective/preventive measures to ensure that similar nonconformities are avoided from happening again, and carry out effective rectification for the actual nonconformities.
Therefore, a copy of the rectification report is required, including the following contents:

1. Unqualified items;

2. Find out the reasons for the unqualified items in depth;

3. Corrective/preventive measures taken and factory self-inspection.
Reasons for suspension of CCC certificate:

1. The licensee/related parties (including producers, sellers, importers and manufacturers, the same below) violate national laws and regulations, and the results of national or provincial supervision and spot checks prove that the products are unqualified, but the CCC certificate does not need to be revoked immediately.
2. The certification basis or certification implementation rules for the use of certified products are changed or changed, and the licensee fails to perform the change procedures as required within the prescribed time limit, or the products meet the change requirements.
3. The results of supervision and inspection prove that the licensee violates the provisions of CCC certification implementation rules (including unqualified product sampling inspection, unqualified factory supervision and inspection, problems in product consistency, etc.) or the relevant requirements of certification bodies, but the certification requirements can be met through rectification.
4. The licensee/related party fails to use CCC certificate and CCC certification mark as required, and carries out investigation according to the circumstances.
5. The licensee/related party refuses to accept or cannot accept the supervision and inspection or supervision sampling inspection without prior notice from the relevant departments or certification bodies of the receiving country within the prescribed time limit without justifiable reasons.
6. The licensee/related party does not cooperate with the relevant departments or certification bodies of the country to take samples in the market or sales place for testing according to CCC certification implementation rules.
7. The CCC certificate information (such as the name or address of the applicant/producer/manufacturer, the model or specification of the certified product, etc.) has changed or there is evidence that the organization and quality assurance system of the manufacturer have changed significantly, and the holder has not applied to the certification body for approval or filing of the change.
8. Due to seasonal production, production according to order and other reasons, the holder applies for suspension of CCC certificate. Except for the eighth suspension, which can be as long as 12 months, the suspension period caused by other reasons is 3 months. The enterprise must apply for restoration within 3 months, otherwise the certificate will be revoked.

After the CCC certificate is suspended, if it fails to apply for restoration within the time limit, it will be deemed that the holder voluntarily gives up the application for restoration, and the corresponding certificate will be revoked. After revocation, it is equivalent to that the certificate is gone and cannot be restored.
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