Google MADA/GMS certification

Google MADA Certification, also known as the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement, is a mobile application release protocol. Currently, there are many devices that have obtained Google MADA certification, and many manufacturers have this requirement. It is suitable for devices that use Android systems and wish to pre install various software from Google. The devices that apply for MADA certification must meet Google‘s CDD requirements, and the iterative Android version is updated every year, At present, the devices that apply for MADA certification are mainly mobile tablets.

Enterprise Compliance

Deeplight Google Android System GMS MADA Certification service

Deeplight Obtains GMS MADA Certification for Tablet Client

1 What are the advantages of Deeplight processing Google GMS MADA ceritification?

1.1 NO LIMIT on the number of retests and pre-test,until all testing requirements are met!
1.2 Send 3PL for testing at once and ensure passing,REFUND testing fees if not passed.
1.3 Assist clients in matching suitable suppliers based on product categories.
1.4 Assist clients in collaborating with OEM/ODM on solutions and obtain MADA Sublicense.
1.5 Provide one-stop assistance to clients throughout the all process, including solutions docking, pre-testing, 3PL testing, and sublicense.
1.6 Provide competitive service quotations in the market.
1.7 Over ten years of testing experience.

Deeplight Assists Client Obtaining MADA Sublicense

Deeplight can complete a series of MADA/EDLA/ARcore/TADA/Android Watch agreements Google GMS testing and certification services.

2 GMS MADA Cooperation process with the Deeplight.

2.1 Deeplight evaluates devices and provides agreement type and a quotation.
2.2. Clients confirms quotation and completes business process.
2.3. Provides 8 samples and application forms to Deeplight.
2.4. Deeplight assist clients in obtaining Google MADA agreement.
2.5. Deeplight finish CTS, VTS, GTS and other tests.
2.6 Deeplight complete all pre-tests and submit 3PL.
2.7. Submit the test report to Google for review.
2.8. Pass Google GMS certification and obtain Google related evidence.

We have assisted clients from countries such as South Korea, Japan, Germany, United States, Canada etc. in obtaining Google MADA certification.If there is sufficient information, we will provide a quotation within 1-2 working days, Mr.Yu Email: yu@dlcer.com, WhatsApp&Phone:+86-13266518903.Contact us immediately!