Ghana CTN certification

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1. service introduction
The Ghana Tax Authority, from 1 July 2018, implements the CTN system for all goods shipped to Ghana.
The CTN number should be noted on the bill of lading, manifest and other transport documents.

2. Handling process
The CTN processing process in Ghana is divided into two steps:
The first step is to provide the format for the preliminary CTN application;
The application will eventually produce a CTN number;
The second step is to submit the CTN number to the bill of lading and issue the original bill of lading;
After the formal bill of lading, the CTN number is activated.

3. Information required
1) Application form
2) Scanned copy of the original bill of lading of the shipping company (the shipping company format bill of lading can be provided before application)
3) Seal and scanned copy of the commercial invoice box list used for customs clearance in the destination port

4. Commercial invoice
Scanned copy of export declaration form (the required pre-declaration form is also acceptable)
packing list
Bill of lading to confirm the grass parts
Step 2, the required documents.
Scan a copy of the original bill of lading
freight bill
Handling period: 3-5 working days
Five common problems

Q: What is a Ghana CTN?
A: Ghana CTN is A customs clearance certification system for goods enforced by the Ghana Tax Bureau since July 1,2018. All bills of lading shipped from Ghana must have a CTN number on the manifest to clear the customs.

Q: What kind of products need Ghana CTN?
A: In the list of compulsory customs clearance in Ghana, products transported by shipping (whole container or monitoring) and rock ship need to handle CTN, and products transported by air or express delivery will not be affected.

Q: How long is the CTN processing cycle about?
A: From Ghana CTN application to activation, the Ghana authorities will give A maximum of 7 days of confirmation time. Overwill will ates the number and a fine.

Q: Can CTN in Ghana work well with CTN in other countries?
A: The CTN of each country is independent. Although the countries joining the CTN program are Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, Niger and Ghana, their CTN are not universal to each other.

Q: Can invalid CTN numbers be used for customs clearance?
A: The exporter (consignor) can indeed get a CTN number before submitting the bill of lading, but the CTN number is not activated and can not be used for customs clearance; the CTN number will be activated after submitting the bill of lading, freight invoice information and entering the bill of lading number and date. When activated, stamp the CTN number on the bill of lading for customs clearance.

Q: Can the exporter get the herbal CTN certificate before the CTN certificate takes effect?
A: can. At this point, the importer can modify the herb, but once the CTN number is activated, it cannot be modified again.

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