Deeplight | A little knowledge about Beidou Satellite Navigation Product Certification

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The Beidou Navigation Satellite System is a global navigation satellite system independently built and operated by China. It is an important national space-time infrastructure that provides all-weather, all-day and high-precision positioning, navigation and timing services for global users. In order to further improve the quality of the Beidou basic products such as chips, modules, antennas and board cards, and ensure the wide application of the Beidou navigation satellite system in various fields and industries.

The State Administration for Market Regulation shall strengthen the organization, implementation, supervision and management of the certification work, and work with relevant competent departments of the construction and development of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System to strengthen the acceptance of certification results, so as to create a favorable environment conducive to the development of Beidou basic products.
Beidou Basic Product Certification Mark
Identification of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System

(No unit or individual may forge, alter, falsely use, buy, sell or transfer certification marks.)
The certification catalogue and certification rules shall be issued separately by the General Administration of Market Supervision.

Certification directory first batch

Implementation rules for Beidou satellite navigation products (terminal equipment) certification

Certification mode is: type test initial factory inspection after certification supervision

It is applicable to the product certification of product performance and reliability of Beidou navigation products (terminal equipment), such as navigation type, RDSS type, measurement type, timing type and other terminal equipment (product reliability assessment is not included during the pilot period).

1. The basic links of certification include:
a) Application for certification
b) type approval test
c) Factory inspection
And d) Results evaluation and approval
e) Certificate supervision
f) reexamine

2. Type test basis standard
1) Navigation BD 420010-2015 Beidou / Global Navigation System (GNSS) navigation equipment
2) RDSS type CHB 5.6, Beidou User Equipment Verification Regulations
3) General BD 420009-2015 Beidou / Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) measuring receiver
4) Positioning type BD 420011-2015 Beidou / Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning equipment general specification 4.2.2

3. Time of detection
The test time is generally 30 working days, starting from the receipt of the samples and the test cost. If the project is unqualified, the rectification time will generally not exceed 2 months

 4. Initial factory inspection
For CCC certification, ISO 9001 or GJB 9001 certification with validity period, factory inspection can be appropriately simplified.

5. Validity period of the certificate
After the completion of the type test and factory inspection, the certification certificate will generally be issued within 30 days for those who meet the certification requirements.

The validity period of the certification certificate is 3 years, and the validity of the certificate is maintained through regular supervision.

6. Use of certification marks

The holder may apply for filing or purchase the certification mark in accordance with the Administrative Measures of Beidou Navigation Satellite Product Certification Mark of China Beidou Navigation Satellite Product Testing and Certification Alliance. The use mark shall comply with the Administrative Measures for Certification Mark of Beidou Satellite Navigation Products.

(The use of the deformation mark is not allowed, and it is not allowed to be explained in words.)
7. Certification fee

The certification fee is charged according to the relevant provisions of the 54 certification centers.
The above is the interpretation of the implementation rules of the Beidou satellite navigation product certification. Welcome to consult, we will provide you with professional, reliable and accurate detection services.