Google GMS certification process and certification details

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The full name of GMS is Google Mobile Service. Google GMS service is the core of Android smart devices and the central nervous system of smart devices using Android system. Many applications are developed based on this service, such as Google search, Gmail, Gtalk, Google map, Google play and Google + social application services, which are unique to Google, Google‘s authorization to use these software is required.     
For manufacturers, only through Google GMS certification can they obtain Google‘s authorization for these services. A mobile phone without Google GMS is basically equivalent to a functional mobile phone. 
At present, Google GMS certification has already entered the mandatory requirement stage. According to the previous deployment of Google, GMS certification will be mandatory from Q3 of 2017, otherwise it will not be used. Here are a few points to know the following:
(1) The main purpose of GMS certification:
1. Improve the compatibility and stability of the product‘s Android system;
2. Authorize the use of Google‘s mobile apps and services;
3. Authorize the use of Android LOGO;
4. Products can enter hypermarkets.
(2) Requirements for GMS certification:
1.The product must be able to pass the CTS test (Compatibility Test Suite), which is a set of .apk programs for testing;
2. The product must pass the CTS Verify test;
3.The product must be able to pass GTS test, GTS test (Google Mobile Services Test Suite), an automated test suite for GMS application testing;
4. The product must use an Android version above 11 to be certified;
5. Products are obliged to pass CE, FCC, BT, WIFI and other hardware certifications. (Non-rigid index)
(3) GMS certification process:
1. Apply for Google MADA agreement;
2. Product software and hardware testing;
3. Submit the test report to Google for review;
4. Obtain Google authentication

(4) Materials to be prepared for applying for GMS certification: 
1. Two application forms are attached. Please fill in and return to us.            
2. Prepare 8 prototypes, of which 4 are submitted to Google for archiving and 4 are used for testing.   

(5) GMS certification application cycle: 
The average period of GMS certification in the laboratory is 6 ~ 8 weeks. If the customer‘s product modification is delayed, the cycle needs to be postponed.
(6) Cooperation process with laboratory            
1. Both parties sign the contract.            
2. Your company provides prototype and application form.            
3. Your company arranges payment.           
4. The Laboratory conducts CTS, CTS verify, GTS and other tests.            
5 . Submit the test report to Google for review.            
6. Obtain Google related service authorization through Google GMS certification.
(7) The following points need special attention:
1. Not all products with Android system can apply for Google‘s GMS certification. Only the version with the Android version that meets Google‘s regulations can be applied for. For example, the Android system version 11 that can apply for certification is currently available, and similar version 7.0 cannot be applied.
2. Not all product forms can apply for Google GMS certification.
Some product forms are more special: such as projectors, TV boxes, credit card machines and etc. These electronic products whose appearance is different from mobile phones and tablets, are best to be certifiedSend the information and product pictures to us for evaluation first.
3. The export area needs to provide the specific country, whether it is Russia, the EU, the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc. The Google GMS certification is different in different countries and regions
4. Whether the platform used is Qualcomm, MTK or Spreadtrum, these will involve the amount of testing and testing costs.
5. The specific specifications of the product: Does the product have wireless function, what is the screen resolution, and how much shipment is expected? All of these will affect the cost of Google GMS certification.

Deeplight has a mature and experienced team with GMS certification,and has assisted many manufacturers around the world in pre-testing and 3PL formal testing and successfully completed the certification. Welcome to consult us .