Deeplight assists Singapore customers to obtain NB-IOT+Cat M dual-mode Internet of things products into North America PTCRB certification

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PTCRB certification, as a quasi-compulsory certification in the North American market for products using 2G/3G/4G /LTE/FDD /TDD/ NB-IOT/ Cat M/5G SA NSA wireless cellular technologies, has been accepted by the industry for many years. PTCRB certification not only needs to get the certificate but also needs to be listed on the PTCRB official website for relevant stakeholders to query before the project is finally completed.

In the close communication with customers, Deeplight help customers to confirm the frequency bands, communication standards, technical specifications, operator networks and other details used in the North American market, and help customers finalize the technical specifications.

After more than a month, Deeplight submitted the test requirement PICS table, generated test Cases, selected certification type, established test requirements, and followed up the test progress to the PTCRB organization. After passing strict tests such as OTARF protocol SIM, we successfully helped customers obtain PTCRB certification and access to the network of North American market for wireless products. 

As a typical Internet of things products, the conventional NB-IOT or Cat M single-mode products are mostly. In this time, it is more meaningful for dual-mode NB-IOT+Cat M products to obtain PTCRB certification, because NB-IOT and Cat M have different certification requirements when applying for PTCRB certification.

Is an product defined as an IOT product when enterprises applying for PTCRB certification for IOT products? PTCRB requires three questions to be submitted, and if so, subsequent PTCRB certificates will mark the IOT product.
(1)In its intended application,does the IoT DUT transmit more than 100 kbytes in a transaction?
(2)On average, is the IoT DUT expected to send more than 24 transactions per day?
(3)Is the IoT DUT and its antenna intended for installation in a fixed orientation relative to the horizon?

The current PTCRB operators cover Canada, the United States, and Mexico, covering most of North America. The list of PTCRB operators is as follows:
amaysimUSA Inc.




Consumer Cellular




Freedom Mobile

Jasper Wireless


Ozone Wireless

Rogers Communications Partnership




TELCEL (Radiomóvil DIPSA S.A. de C.V.)

Tele2 Mobiel B.V.

Telecom NZ


Telefonica Brasil SA




Verizon Wireless


Vodafone Hutchison Australia


Deeplight has helped a number of enterprises and listed companies to obtain North American PTCRB certification, reflecting the characteristics of our technical services. Welcome to consult us on the related services about PTCRB certifications.

Deeplight can assist customers to complete the whole process of PTCRB certification, from PTCRB member registration to the evaluation of PTCRB listing fees, and can complete a set of compulsory certification at home and abroad. Customers are welcome to consult.